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K.G. | Seoul, SOUTH KOREA | March 14, 2012

The whole thing about women making an uninformed decision is such a patronizing hoax. After an IUD failure, I had an abortion when I was 23, and it was a sad experience, but there was nothing I couldn't understand about it. No health insurance + no stable job prospects + low income + living far from family + not married = not going to carry pregnancy to term. What more information does a person need? Even though my boyfriend (at the time -- he's now my husband) was supportive, we both knew that all we were essentially doing was stopping a lump of cells from growing into a baby that we couldn't afford. Having an abortion is a pragmatic decision, not an ideological or spiritual one; people don't have abortions simply because they lack an understanding of the biological mechanisms of conception and gestation. In my case, having an abortion was physically and emotionally draining in the short term, but in the long term, my husband and I have been proud of ourselves for being realistic about it: deferring parenthood allowed us to take time to go back to grad school, get married, get our careers and incomes on a good trajectory, and provide the kind of home we want our children to have. We would offer our heartfelt support to anyone facing a similar decision. And we offer our respect and thanks to you, Mr. Trudeau, for exposing the absurdity of the most recent attacks on women's reproductive rights.

Paul | CALIFORNIA | March 14, 2012

I am surprised that people think that the ultrasound law is directed at the sophisticates that have no problem terminating the child that dares threaten their state of being. On the other hand, how many young ignorant girls have been convinced that an abortion is nothing more than an extension of the "contraception process"? And who's there at Planned Parenthood to tell them otherwise? These women are whom the Texas law is trying to protect (not to mention their babies).

Gillian Brent | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | March 14, 2012

I am impressed by how many papers you managed to upset enough that they're not running this week's strips. I'm also highly impressed by the strips. Thank you for sticking a well-sharpened stake into this particular subject.

T.E. Chester | Victoria, TX | March 14, 2012

Not all of us in Texas are like Mr. Perry. There are those of us here who believe what happens between doctor and patient remains between doctor and patient. There are those of us who are aware that before abortion became legal, women across the country were dying from improperly performed abortions. Mr. Perry even came out against abortion in the case of rape. A few years ago I read that 90% of the rape victims never report it. That is so sad. But then, if Mr. Perry was raped, I seriously doubt he'd report it.

Brenda Pomerance | New York, NY | March 14, 2012

Thank you so much for mocking the transvaginal probe compulsory rapes. You make this topic emotionally understandable.

Anders | Ostersund, SWEDEN | March 14, 2012

I find it interesting how, in America, "freedom of the individual" is paramount in issues such as guns and money/taxes/health insurance, but not regarding women, their bodies and lives.

Bob | St. Augustine, FL | March 14, 2012

Thanks so much for the present storyline. Some of the Blowback comments are very interesting. Why assume that a woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy "doesn't have all the facts"? I know of a couple who found out through genetic testing that their child would live a very short life, in pain and in hospitals. They agonized over the decision but chose to not bring that precious, wanted, loved baby into a world in which he would experience so much pain. In Kansas, it is now law that their doctor could have lied to them about the test results and taken that choice away from them. What is wrong with this country?

Ray Lampe | Templeton, MA | March 14, 2012

I am amazed and heartened that you have taken on and persevere in this commentary on such a controversial issue. You've been all over political craziness and duplicity for years, but this is a premiere case where American politics, running amok, has directly, openly and perniciously impacted the rights of citizens. Even those who hate the rights and freedom side of the issue have got to think it out again as they are exposed to the discussion in the Blowback. You are not the only cogent protester of our bogus politics, but your graphics and finely wrought character dialog are powerful in their exposition of real-world people dealing with the real world. Thank you and keep it up.

Maerzie | Perdido Beach, FL and Florence, WI | March 14, 2012

Such mixed feelings I have about this whole issue. As a Registered nurse of over 40 years, I have seen these tiny unborn babies, who are not blobs of protoplasm, but very human, so I think individuals need to take more thought before conceiving, not after! After is most certainly murder, renamed, semantically, to sound "nicer" because of our barbaric selfishness. However, I fiercely abhor the government having any say in my health, as I frequently even disagree with my doctor about my own life. However, some people do not know enough to make a humane decision, even though there are millions of people who would love to have these babies available to adopt.

Jack Miller | Bryan, TEXAS | March 14, 2012

While it isn't listed as an option in the current Straw Poll ("Where should we intervene next?"), Texas would be a good choice.

K.B. | Beaverton, OR | March 14, 2012

I visited the site today to read the latest installment of the transvaginal diaries. Afterwards, I perused a number of comments in the Blowback section, then I looked into the Sandbox milblog. I made it through the entry entitled "Speechless" in which Maj. Duber (M.D.) tells the story of a 19-year-old female soldier in Afghanistan whose leg he amputated after an IED attack. Read the story if you can. Consider the sacrifice made by this young woman, so that Gov. Perry can have the freedom to vaginally probe her peers back home. Quoting Perry, "...Because you can't make the right choice without knowing the true impact of what you're deciding."... The contrast between the experience of our women soldiers and the war on women at home is one more indication that we've gone completely insane. May our creator have mercy on our souls.

Vonciel | Allen, TEXAS | March 13, 2012

Your strip is the first -- often only -- that I read. Engaging the brain, heart, and funnybone simultaneously in order to shine a light on serious subjects is a wonderful skill/gift you have. This 69-year-old Texas mother says thank you.

Robin Gallagher | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | March 13, 2012

Hmmm. When the last woman leaves Texas, will she remember to turn the lights out?

Sue Prent | St. Albans, VT | March 13, 2012

Thank you.... just thank you! Sometimes it seems like we just dreamed the civil rights movement, the sexual revolution and the brief moment when the Equal Rights Amendment saw daylight in Congress.

Paul Harmon | San Francisco, CA | March 13, 2012

The scarlet letter on the back of the clipboard is that extra little bit of genius that makes us really love your wonderful cartoons.

B.L. | Portland, OR | March 13, 2012

In this tiny portion of a comic strip, composed of well-established ink strokes which conduct a great regard for humanity, is a portrait of a young woman, 2012. A young woman navigating a process, most difficult in itself, while being expected to accommodate and navigate the entitled perspectives of her detractors. These detractors, in the name of being "Pro-Life," aim to degrade her life and forever brand her medical records with ultrasound embryonic imagery for daring to make this autonomous decision. Thank you, Garry Trudeau, for giving voice to this young woman, and for staging this scenario that allows us to witness and out these oppressive and unacceptable orchestrations. This young woman is not alone, and we will not accept the establishment of "modern day Mary Magdalenes," buried to the neck in the sands of intolerance in order to be stoned. We will not allow this.

John C. Goodrich | Mystic, CT | March 13, 2012

Your cartoons are sick and disgusting. I no longer subscribe to our local newspaper because of trash like this.

Jill Lee Williams | Owensboro, KY | March 13, 2012

I read your cartoon which suggests that Old White Men are in no way able to make laws concerning women. I personally find it disturbing that men such as yourself want to keep women dumb and in the dark. A woman having an abortion deserves to have all the facts! For some reason men like yourself seem quite uneducated when it comes to women's health, but boy do you love a soap box. As for making fun of the men that pass the laws so women can have all the facts, it was Americans that voted them into their positions. I'm hoping you'll take some time to help women, instead of trying to keep us uneducated about our own bodies.

Jana | Lowell, MA | March 13, 2012

I've read the strip for years, but the current story arc has me wanting to reach out. Thank you for writing about this and putting the situation into an extremely tangible, accessible form. It's nice to know that it isn't just women clamoring against the ridiculousness in Texas, and elsewhere.

A.J. | Boston, MA | March 13, 2012

Almost as interesting as your strips, Mr. Trudeau, have been some of these Blowback posts. I'm not sure I quite understand why people who've hated your work their entire lives spend time each and every day reading it. And yet, they continue to do so. How very strange.