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K. Mitchell Dunklebarger | State College, PA | February 07, 2012

Has the bomb gone off yet? Today's 15 year Flashback harkens back to a simpler time when saxophone jazz serenaded Pennsylvania avenue, nicotine (and steroids) were still legit in baseball clubhouses, and we thought the Speaker had reached his despicable prime. The nineties were pretty rad.

E. Jon | Atlanta, GA | February 07, 2012

Sorry Mark, Zonker should not be aged. He is that carefree, reckless delightfully irresponsible shadow we left behind in high school or college when we went out and got jobs and raised families. He is the part of us that we couldn't take with us but remember fondly, unchanged and forever youthful, beckoning us to put aside the bills and the invoices and come out and party. Leave him alone, Mark. We need him just the way he is.

Marc Allan | Carmel, IN | February 07, 2012

Thanks for letting us know about -- and for the matching gift. What a great service they provide. I'm going to check back often. And I guess I should thank the Chicago Tribune for not printing the strip. I missed Friday's paper, and if I hadn't seen the story and the strip on Romenesko, I wouldn't have known. So, again, thanks for the entertainment and the information.

Peter Butterfield | Aubonne, SWITZERLAND | February 06, 2012

Ha, I love myFacts! I already await guidance from this week's strips, for help in dinner-table arguments with my wife. We agree on climate change (not deniers), but I'll interpolate the methods for our own hot issues like evolution, Obama v. Romney, and the whole born-gay v. chose-gay question.

Mike | Amsterdam, NY | February 06, 2012

I thought I heard the wind blowing through the trees this morning but then I realized it was Daniel Patrick Moynihan, up in heaven, laughing along with me at today's "myfacts" strip.

Joan Laing | Iowa City, IA | February 06, 2012

Thanks for the link, and the matching contribution. I found a school in my own county where children needed such basic supplies as notebooks, dividers, labels, and binders. And I never realized this before.

Cindy | Phoenix, AZ | February 06, 2012

Oh wow! Im so glad that you are publicizing! I teach preschool disabled children in a 'title one' school. There is no money for supplies, period. I have put up two projects on the site, both for supplies adding up to $300. Within a few months, generous donors made the projects reality! Donations do not have to be big -- most of mine have been in the $10-25 range. Please continue to make this site known to others who wish to help teachers and their students!

Jo K. | Rock Hill, SC | February 06, 2012

Thanks for using the strip to support DonorsChoose.Org. They help so many schools in need. And thanks to Zonker for doubling my donation to "We're A Little Crafty" in South Carolina; the teacher describes it here.

Kater | Iowa City, IA | February 05, 2012

Regarding today's strip, I'm once again left to wonder how Jeff could be Ms. Joanie "Libby" Caucus's son? It's certainly not out of character, but that four scantily-clad, cowering bimbos were the only characters he could think of for women to relate to caused a few twitches.

Sharon Walker | Albuquerque, NM | February 05, 2012

Just want to thank you for featuring DonorsChoose.Org in the strip. Two people donated to my American History classroom in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, after reading about the matching funds grant! Thanks to you and these two fine folks, my students will have new materials that were badly needed to teach an interactive history class. I can't thank you enough for what you did for us, and for what you are undoubtedly doing for many, many students! Huzzah! :)

Carol Ann Robrahn | Louisville, KY | February 04, 2012

Thanks for matching my Donors Choose donation. That was so nice and very much appreciated! Three cheers for Zonker!

Marcia | Boulder, CO | February 03, 2012

Wow! is a great idea and a great web site. (As a geek myself, I have to say that -- I was blown away by how well-integrated, engaging and easy it is!) We must all be on the alert for ways to make a direct difference in what matters. Thank you so much for publicizing this one. Bet it will trend on Twitter thanks to Doonesbury.

Maureen | Beaver, UTAH | February 03, 2012

Thank you so much for the DonorsChoose link and the ZONKER code. My son's gift card amount for his birthday was doubled so that I could send a card to my daughter also.

Linda Gibson | Chicago, IL | February 03, 2012

The latest post at the blog Subversive Speech describes how the Chicago Tribune presented its dropping of today's strip as an act of journalistic virtue.

S. Carson | Atlanta, GA | February 03, 2012

I am pretty sure the code referred to in today's strip is "Zonker" because it's easier to spell than "Doonesberry," er, "Doonsbury".....whatever.

Joshua Rey | Oxford, UK | February 03, 2012

I'm finding the 40 year flashbacks particularly heartbreaking/warming -- the young B.D., completely boneheaded but also strangely noble, definitely in a world of his own but not altogether a bad world. And forty years later here he is, slowly transformed by huge changes and trauma like a rock in an arctic river, into the exact same guy but with real self-knowledge and compassion. Who says nobody's writing the Great American Novel any more?

Barbara Loring | Saco, ME | February 03, 2012

Yet another creative dimension of social advocacy leaps from the page today. Thank you for bringing to a new level of visibility and remembering the needs of our public schools and our young. The future thanks you!

Chris | Severan, MARYLAND | February 02, 2012

Wait, people still read Doonesbury in newspapers? I haven't bought one of those in years.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | February 02, 2012

Your boys are too late! I saw the code in today's strip -- when I read it on my laptop.

Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | January 31, 2012

A toast to GBT for thinking inside the box.