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Sean | Omaha, NE | March 09, 2012

Obviously, in a perfect world, Toggle would be enjoying this type of fortune that's fallen on Jeff. And as a fellow struggling journalist, I can only imagine how Jeff's dad's emotions are stewing: I follow the rules, worked hard to become a credible journalist - I get laid off. My son writes fan-fiction and now has a mansion.

C.M.H. | Columbus, OH | March 08, 2012

The inevitable has finally happened: The Red Rascal meets Downton Abbey.

Jack Cerf | New York, NY | March 07, 2012

Who among us thought that Jeff's delusions would turn him into a bestselling pop fiction author? I look forward to the Red Rascal movie.

Another Jeff | Ann Arbor, WI | March 07, 2012

People should go easy on Jeff and his new-found wealth. Like others before him he's been to war and written a book about it. Remember Catch-22, M.A.S.H., The Caine Mutiny and Slaughterhouse Five? Based on his reply to the "Navy SEAL" at the book signing, Jeff is clearly as aware as Heller, Hooker, Wouk and Vonnegut that his book is a work of fiction. So let us wish Jeff a long and happy life with many more bestsellers.

Steve | Wadsworth, OH | March 07, 2012

Red Rascal invites his red-headed agent over to his twelve-bedroom house? I like!

Gusto | Chicago, IL | March 07, 2012

Jeff isn't going to go down in flames. Becca is going to completely sort him out. She's been waiting for years for someone like him to appear, and she's not about to let him get away. What we're watching is the preamble.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | March 07, 2012

An indoor paintball course? No wonder the man cave is self-cleaning!

R.D. Carter | Vancouver, CANADA | March 07, 2012

Watching Jeff is like watching the Hindenburg -- you know he's going to go down in a massive, flaming, explosive wreck. I may have to make some popcorn.

Margaret Russell | Littleton, CO | March 06, 2012

Jeff needs sage financial advice. Since he obviously won't listen to his parents, maybe Zonker could help. "Sir Rascal the Red" has a nice ring to it. Or perhaps "Geoffery, Duke of Sorkh and Hinterlands."

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | March 05, 2012

Jeff would not be the first naive young person ruined by sudden riches and fame. Elvis comes to mind. He never had anyone who could tell him, "No." Please, please get Jeff a good agent and other level-headed advisors to protect him from gold-diggers, hangers-on, and other parasites. They cruise in packs for people like him.

Andrew | London, ENGLAND | March 05, 2012

I'd give it three or four strips before Jeff blows this. The only question is, how?

Tim | New York, NY | March 04, 2012

Re: today's strip. It's been years since I've seen a Sgt. Rock comic. Thanks for updating it for the new millenium, not to mention the peace-digging chicks!

Thomas Williams | Annapolis, MD | March 03, 2012

The homes Jeff has been looking at are quite realistic. As one who is paid to take pictures of them, I have seen plenty with these amenities and more, including private airports and harbors. Many of these megamansions sit empty for all but a few weeks a year, as most are second homes.

Larry S. | Delaware, OH | March 03, 2012

It's amusing that Jeff/Red Rascal is shopping for a crib on the strength of his so-called fame and the revenues from book sales about which we've heard nothing. Alex catches flack for having her head in the clouds, but Jeff's is in another dimension.

Alan | Northampton, ENGLAND | March 02, 2012

"If a fool and his money are soon parted, what do you call someone who parts with money he never had in the first place?" Answer: a banker.

Axel | Stinson Beach, CA | March 02, 2012

"If a fool and his money are soon parted, what do you call someone who parts with money he never had in the first place?" Answer: the American consumer.

Jason Thorn | Phoenix, AZ | March 02, 2012

"If a fool and his money are soon parted, what do you call someone who parts with money he never had in the first place?" Answer: a politician.

Kirk | Los Angeles, CA | March 02, 2012

Jeff does not want decadence and frivolity in a home. He wants a loft over an abandoned sewage station where he can park his amphibious assault vehicle. Now that is a real man cave. He also wants a helipad.

John R.L. | Los Angeles, CA | March 01, 2012

Why doesn't the agent just say it: They're looking at Neverland!

Dennis B. Swaney | Oroville, CA | February 29, 2012

I just realized that last week's story arc should have run this week. Today is the traditional "reverse-proposal" day.