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S. Carson | Stone Mountain, GA | June 12, 2011

I read a lot of comics and am generally annoyed by the whole "order a framed print of this comic!" thing that's on every cartoonist's web page. I just don't get why anyone would put a cartoon anywhere besides the fridge, or pinned to the wall of their cubicle. Or rather, I didn't get it until today. There's so much to love in the plot, characters, dialogue and artwork of today's strip  (I especially love Alex's "What?!"), that I can easily imagine it in a place of honor on someone's wall.

Andrea | Rome, ITALY | June 12, 2011

Thanx for rerunning today's Sunday strip. It's probably one of my favourites about Leo, and one of those that make him the best new character of the strip, maybe in years.

Ben Ezzell | Quilcene, WA | June 11, 2011

Leo's voice comes through loud and clear!

Kathy | Albany, NY | June 11, 2011

I've been reading Doonebury since the very beginning. I have to say that Leo (aka Toggle) is one of the best characters ever. That is saying a lot, because I love Mike, B.D., Boopsie, Mark, etc. They are all like family.

Ruex | La Porte, TX | June 11, 2011

Please keep Alex and Leo together. They complete each other. They remind me of my daughter and her husband.

Michael | Edmond, OK | June 11, 2011

And Alex uses an iPad. Nice...

C. Yankee | Mystic, CT | June 10, 2011

You've got to give Alex a lot of credit. The first time I met Leo's mother, I would have run like hell!

Tati | New York, NY | June 09, 2011

I just attended the CAF dinner last night. Lots of sweet Leos there!

Sean | Omaha, NE | June 09, 2011

Seriously, if GBT just wants to focus on Alex and Toggle for the rest of the summer, I wouldn't mind. Although some interaction between Kim and Toggle would be cool to see.

Patti Heyes | Rome, NY | June 09, 2011

Oh no! Doonesbury (and Dilbert) have been voted out (via readers' poll) of the Utica, New York newspaper as it undergoes change to a new format. My vote to save the strip wasn't enough! Thank goodness for Slate and my daiy dose (in color yet).

Chris | Soldotna, AK | June 09, 2011

Please, dude, do not set this week up for the breakup of Alex and Toggle. This relationship has been handled so beautifully over the last couple of years. These two are awesome for each other, and it would truly be a shame to shatter it just because of one neurotic girl's insecurities.

John Keefer | Santa Monica, CA | June 09, 2011

I think in the far distant future people with curiosity could do well to study Doonesbury for an idea of what 20th-21st century life was like, today's strip being a prime example.

Jack Cerf | Chatham, NJ | June 09, 2011

I loved Leo not getting the Ulysses reference. It's a reminder that Alex's neuroses aren't the only source of tension in the relationship; there's a real difference in education and social class that they're overcoming every day. It doesn't faze Leo, but I suspect Alex is very conscious of it and worried about it.

Jane | Watson, CT | June 08, 2011

Almost sweeter than Leo on Monday was his boss's save to not suggest that Alex isn't a superhot chick.

George | Tequesta, FL | June 08, 2011

I hope everyone takes the time to scroll down and watch Today's Video on the home page. The Mozart Group has left a smile on my face this morning. Thank you GBT for introducing us to so much talent on a daily basis.

MyKidsMom | North of D.C., PA | June 08, 2011

I have a daughter that could pass for Drew's cousin. Scary smart, scary hot, sixth in her class of 270 and planning to go Ivy League. Her sweet BF of two years is visually impaired, academically disinclined, and one of the finest young men I know. Yet between the glasses, age and haircut, until very recently, he was pretty gawky looking. What they know is what Leo knows -- they have fun together, and they've got each other's back.

Peg Robinson | Goleta, CA | June 08, 2011

It's good for Alex to worry a bit: it helps her appreciate just what a jewel she's got. But it's also good that her jewel thinks he's got a complete gem, too. They're a great pair -- I have to join all the rest chiming in. I love those two. As individuals they're good people: as a couple, though, they're far more than the sum of their parts. They're inspired and inspiring.

Jen Cantrel | Blue Springs, MO | June 07, 2011

Here is one more old (in both ways) reader who agrees that strips with Leo are my favorite. Honey and Duke were hilarious in their time, but the sweetness in an injured boy warrior like Leo is much needed balm now. Selfishly, I hope I am still alive when they walk down the aisle. I look forward to it!

Seven | Alexandria, VA | June 07, 2011

Yesterday's strip was awesome. Toggle was perfect with ihs line, "You make exception..." Very touching. But today with Ulysses and the siren was hilarious. Nice to see the heart of a Warrior. Thanks.

David | North Vancouver, CANADA | June 07, 2011

Another reason to love Doonesbury: GBT assumes his readers know their Classical mythology. (Today's "Ulysses" reference.)