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David Chamberlin | Arlington, VA | January 22, 2014

Family emergencies take precedence over daily script requirements. Mr. Trudeau has planted so many new situations the wait will be worth it.

Michael Morrone | Biloxi, MS | January 21, 2014

Flashbacks again. Did I miss something? Is Mr. Trudeau off writing more Alpha House scripts, or just taking a break? The Flashbacks are great too, I'm just wondering.

Editor's Note:

 Sorry for the unexpected reversion to Flashback strips. The syndicate sent a notice to client newspapers indicating that GBT couldn’t file new material due to an illness in the family. New strips will resume next week.

Mike | Rome, NY | January 21, 2014

Now my Flashbacks are having flashbacks. Noooooooooo!

Ed Cherlin | Columbus, IN | January 21, 2014

Weren't the Blue Bandit and Lord Dirtbag both Republican candidates in 2012? Wait, that can't be; neither of them would have worn blue. Okay, I'm really, definitely confused.

Andrus | Geneva, SWITZERLAND | January 20, 2014

If only we could all age as gracefully as Rick.

Marcello Franchi | Bologna, ITALY | January 19, 2014

Hey! Twenty years ago Mark was coming out. Did anybody notice ?

Peter Mikkelsen | Pasco, WA | January 19, 2014

GBT's prescience is profound. The Flashback to the strip that ran 40 years ago today shows a possible scenario for the nascence of the corporatization of social movements as driven by self-interest -- and lo, the fragmentation of the Left.

Darin | Brisbane, AUSTRALIA | January 19, 2014

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to take a selfie with it and post it on social media, did it really happen? Roland says no.

Fritz | The Happy Valley, MA | January 18, 2014

It's interesting that the unrealistic college expectations are coming from Sam. Usually, it is the parents who are clueless about how hard it is to get into a top school today. They think about what it was like when they applied to college, and can't imagine how different it will be for their child.

Childhood Reader | Smalltown, NEW ENGLAND | January 18, 2014

Doonesbury was the first serious literature I read, in elementary school, so it took me several years to realize it was serious. Twenty-some years of readership later, with kids of my own in elementary school, I am truly touched by Mr. Trudeau's willingness to take on our culture's founding myth, that "everyone is created equal," using such sympathetic characters as the foils.

Fenelon Jacques | New York, NY | January 18, 2014

From the perspective of a high school teacher, Sam's expectations are bang on typical. Students in my careers classes were surprised they needed to have high marks in science and math (as well as English) to get into university pre-med programs.

Jahn Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | January 17, 2014

It's a very interesting rhetorical device to posit Sam as a high-school junior who was not made cynical by the Everyone is Special slogans in K-6. I'm glad to see GBT is "old school" about the self-esteem canard. It would have been a shame to put a thoroughbred race horse on the milk run (Alex at a community college). It's possibly worse to put a milk horse on the race track.

Martin Snapp | Berkeley, CA | January 16, 2014

Per the comment below: "...Boopsie is still wide-eyed." That's because Boopsie is the last innocent.

Peter Mikkelsen | Pasco, WA | January 16, 2014

Wow. GBT has his finger on the pulse at the White House! FLOTUS and POTUS are speaking on the subject of college even as I type. But I worry that without a major change in business mentality, there just won't be enough jobs...

Chris | Fairfield, CT | January 16, 2014

Children grow older like puppies; for every seven years they age, the surrounding adults only age one year. So while Sam has aged 17 years, B.D. and company have only aged two-and-a-half years.

Ray Lampe | Templeton, MA | January 15, 2014

All this maturation, and yet Boopsie is still wide-eyed.

Fiona | North Wales, UK | January 15, 2014

Oh boy -- Boopsie and the menopause; there's a treat coming round the mountain. Oh yes, I think B.D. will know more quickly than he realised his little girl has grown up.

Old Dad | Wayne, NE | January 14, 2014

I fully understand B.D.'s confusion; our younger son is a college freshman this year and I could swear that just last week he was in 3rd grade. And a few days before that I was changing his diapers. His mother is no older than when he was born, and I don't feel any older, so what gives?

J.E.Q.P. | Cuernavaca, MEXICO | January 13, 2014

I remember when Sam's eyes changed -- and it happened in the blink of an eye. It's a helpful reminder of how quickly children grow and change, at least to the adults watching. I'll probably be just as surprised when my daughter reaches that age.

G.M.W. | L'ville, VA | January 13, 2014

I'm as bad as B.D. I wonder when Sam's eyes changed? Ahh, the years they do slide by...