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Anne | Belfast, N. IRELAND | February 17, 2011

Oh joy! Dare I hope that the Red Rascal is about to tangle with the future of Trff Bzklmfrpz and Berzerkistan? I wonder if Jeff has anything to do with the unrest in various other nearby places...

Brian Hope | Hungtingdon, UK | February 17, 2011

I'm glad we're back in Berzerkistan. Trouble is that once again nobody learns from history, not even in cartoons. There's a flood coming, retreat to higher ground. Thanks for the George Shearing tribute video. I have long loved his vocal work and wondered why there's not more. The personification of taste, and a nature's gentleman, he's been delighting me since the forties.

Charlie | Atlanta, GA | February 16, 2011

GT, I used to wonder where you got your material, but politicans just keep giving you gifts to show your readers.

Joshua | Givat Ada, ISRAEL | February 16, 2011

Ahh, the sweet sound a dictator makes when he hits the ground. I only wish it were possible to leak Duke's 12-point survival protocol to the press for the benefit of us all.

Bill Purkayastha | Shillong, INDIA | February 16, 2011

I must really applaud GBT for his handling of the Arab revolutionary tsunami. Rather than settle for Roland sitting at his computer and sending fake tweets from Tahrir Square in Cairo, he's gone the Berzerkistan route and is in the process of taking down my favourite tyrant, Trff Bzklmfrpz. I am now more of a helpless admirer of the Duke-Earl-Bzklmfrpz trio than ever. I just wish Honey were around to mess things up even more than they are. And, oh yes, Earl's demand for a credit card number "real quick" was priceless. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's strip.

Michael | Indianapolis, IN | February 15, 2011

Thank you very much for your strip on gun deaths. Some have criticized you for their not understanding the phrase "at home." My guess is it means you've been conversing with people in the military and their families; something the typical American doesn't do. As a former Marine, I know my way around weapons, but I also know there is no substitute for observation, analysis and communication. Thank you, again, for your succinct observation, analysis and communication. I wish I were as eloquent.

Chris | Grand Prairie, TX | February 14, 2011

I love the Flashbacks page. Michael Doonesbury played hockey 40 years ago? Wow, just wow. Okay, maybe he wasn't good at it, but this is just the sort of depth of character that I love about the strip.

Richard Lee | Mesa, AZ | February 14, 2011

Luckily for you, truth isn't required by law in comic strips. You say 270,000 people were killed by gunfire at home in the last nine years? According to the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, the number is about one third of that, and since the gun laws have been "weakened," the trend is downward. Have a nice day.

Editor's Note:

GBT stands by his figure. Readers interested in checking the stat cited in Sunday's strip are referred to this PolitiFacts report on the matter posted today.

Joe | Overland Park, KS | February 14, 2011

Great strip yesterday. One of the best ever. The Blowback comment "JAPAN" asks "Should we outlaw knives and cars?" Well, we do outlaw switchblades and such. And we require registration, license and insurance to own and drive a car. I always thought it odd that you need to register a cat or a toy poodle, but not an assault weapon. Along the same lines, I wonder if anyone ever been killed with a one-hit bong. They're illegal, but not a thirty-round clip.

John | Kapaa, HI | February 13, 2011

Whirr...Bing! Illogical circumstances due to pre-existing agendas...Carbon-based beings in deep planet...

Art Merkh | Gibbsboro, NJ | February 13, 2011

On a scale of one to ten, today's strip is about 10^3.

The R. Family | Columbus, OH | February 13, 2011

We're sending a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Trudeau for his courage in continuing to write comic strips that are honest and, in our opinion, completely on the mark. Today's comic expressed what we believe perfectly and we are so glad someone actually "said" it -- albeit in a comic strip. Those in power should be saying the same things! Our oldest paid it the highest compliment this morning, deeming the strip "door-worthy."

Ron Shirtz | Rensselaer Falls, NY | February 13, 2011

Of the 270,000 U.S. gun deaths cited in today's strip, half were suicides. Before you blame guns for encouraging US suicides, remember Japan leads the world in suicides with 30,000 deaths per year. And this is from a country with the strictest gun control laws on the planet -- where owning a gun is all but non-existent -- and one of the best standards of living. People will kill themselves or others with or without a gun. Witness the stabbing incident in Brooklyn this week, where a man stabbed three people to death and hit another with a car he stole. Shall we outlaw knives & cars?

Douglas Cole | Edmonton, CANADA | February 13, 2011

Finally, finally GT has the guts to state the enormously obvious. You live in a bizarrely interesting country where portions of your population live lives of fear arming themselves against their fellow citizens. You spend literally trillions fighting and "safeguarding" yourselves against a shadow enemy in a war that's only winnable through compromise. Meanwhile your country tumbles in education standards and the rich/poor gap widens daily powered by bold greed. GT has a wonderful sense of irony that many Americans lack. We're friends and neighbors and want to see you happy and successful, but continually marvel at how badly you misstep, ignore history lessons, embrace political mythology, ignore facts and let fear rule your lives. Thankfully there are voices like Doonesbury that examine some realities.

Larry Blanchard | Sacramento, CA | February 13, 2011

The 270,000 appears to be the total number of gun deaths. Over half were suicides. Getting rid of guns won't lower the suicide rate by much. And of the homicides, I'd like to know how many were gang or drug related. I can't muster much sympathy for those folks. In fact, they're doing the rest of us a favor by killing each other off. We do have a problem with mentally ill and underage people acquiring guns. We need to work on that problem rather than painting all gun owners with the same brush.

Steve | Sarasota, FL | February 13, 2011

Thanks for blessing me with today's video. I've been to church!

Anthony Fraulo | Stamford, CT | February 12, 2011

I find it to be incredibly bigoted that you never missed a day to find some inane reason to humiliate George W Bush, but during these last two years with Obama in office not one cartoon finding something to criticize him for (even his buildup in Afganistan). It is amazing that we now have a perfect administration...

Editor's Note:

A 2010 Siena poll of 238 Presidential scholars ranked George W. Bush the fifth-worst president of all time, so that may explain some of the disparity. In any event, GBT has done 35 strips, not zero, on the Obama presidency to date, including several related to Afghanistan. Bigotry means seeing only what you want to.

John Riley | New Brighton, MN | February 11, 2011

Is GBT prescient or what? I can't wait to see what happens in Berzerkistan tomorrow!

Steve | Sarasota, FL | February 09, 2011

Todays strip poses an interesting question: How do recent changes in the Middle East affect the US policy in Afghanistan as it relates to the war there?

Larry S. | Delaware, OH | February 09, 2011

"Tyrants are such babies!" A masterful line from what's shaping up to be a great series. Duke and Earl are exquisitely unlikable, but they are indispensable just for providing us with such gems.