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Joshua | ISRAEL | February 27, 2014

Does GBT realize what he's done, severing humanity's lifeline to sanity by taking this so-called open-ended hiatus? The freshly baked daily dose is no less than a public utility. Without it, my view of modern society is bound to drift untended and hit an iceberg. Where else I can moor my boat?

David Stanford, Duty Officer | Doonesbury Town Hall | February 26, 2014

Over the past weeks numerous Doonesbury readers have written in to lament the fact that they have been unable to view "Alpha House" from the U.K. I'm happy to pass along a link to this story, which indicates that a remedy is at hand. Enjoy!

John Presland | Warsaw, POLAND | February 26, 2014

I'm saddened to learn of the hiatus and do hope that it will be only temporary and short. For many years Doonesbury has daily done more than reading any op-ed or consulting any learned treatise to explain to me the mysteries of life across the pond and to reassure me that there are some sane people in the USA. Life without GBT's wise observations will be harder.

Joel Zeligson | Tulsa, OK | February 26, 2014

It seems to me you have been running a lot of old strips over the past months. There were some new strips for a while that seemed to bring things up to date, but now we're getting re-runs again. What's going on?

Editor's Note:

 Garry Trudeau put the strip on hiatus last summer while writing a political sitcom for Amazon Studios. Alpha House launched in December and has recently been renewed, leading Trudeau to announce that in order to keep writing the show he is taking an open-ended break from the dailies. He will continue to create new Sunday strips. His syndicate announced that during the hiatus they will publish a curated series of dailies called Classic Doonesbury. In a statement sent to client newspapers, Trudeau explained: "In selecting the strips for this retrospective journey, we're going deep, literally back to Day One. Revisiting four weeks of strips from every year of syndication, I hope to hit many 'Doonesbury' high points, focusing on how the characters (over 75 of them!) got involved with one another. Since their lives have always been bound up in the events of the day, it should be a kind of deja vu for my peers, and maybe a 'What were you people thinking?' for newer readers. I hope all of them will enjoy the trip." Classic Doonesbury begins on Monday, March 3rd.


Gregor Zubicky | Orebro, SWEDEN | February 26, 2014

Reading the old strips is fun, but as a reader for over thirty years I miss my dose of cutting edge humor.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | February 25, 2014

I always enjoy the Flashbacks page, where today's 15-years-ago strip is about Tommy Hilfiger's exploitation of Bangladesh garment factory workers. Thirteen years later, this was still in the news

Peter | Holliston, MA | February 25, 2014

As GBT rides off into the sunset (or not...), I feel the need to say "Thanks", for providing a counterpoint to, and commentary on, the wild rollercoaster that has been American politics, from my teens (Vietnam) to today. Perhaps if more people had read (and understood) Doonesbury, things would have been different. In any case, please, Garry, accept my gratitude for a job more than well done. And for the support you have given our troops, who deserve far better than they get. Your efforts on their behalf demonstrates quite clearly that one can be anti-war but pro-soldier, and that a liberal can also be a patriot. Best wishes, good luck, and thank you ever so much.

Flabby Joe | Canberra, AUSTRALIA | February 25, 2014

Goodbye and thanks for all the fun. And probably fish as well.

Karen Hale | San Diego, CA | February 23, 2014

Today's strip once again shows us why Trudeau is the best cartoonist in the world. Loved it. We will put up with the extended Flashbacks as long as the Sunday strips continue to be as awesome as they have been. I'm looking forward to seeing how Toggle and Alex and the twins are doing. And I look forward to watching Alpha House.

E. Driscoll | Fresno, CA | February 21, 2014

The University of Phoenix is not "partially accredited." It is fully accredited until 2023 by the Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association of Schools and Colleges). I know it's humorous to trash UOPX but it does a good job and many "statistics" I've read (Wikipedia, for example) do not present a fair case or critically examined and presented information. I teach there regularly and love it -- and have taught at several other "fully accredited" universities with actually less rigorous standards. My graduating seniors show more writing, thinking and creative skills than many I have had in the past at state universities. I've taught since 1972.

So please give 'em a break, Garry. UOPX helps many poor, working adults get an education and improve their lives and the lives of their kids. And my military students would not be able to get promotions or better jobs without the skills they've learned. They love it. UOPX has a mission to educate an underserved educational group and it is overall very successful for the deserving students we serve.

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | February 21, 2014

I'm surprised at how often the Flashback strips are new to me. Who would have thought holes in my memory would come in so handy?

Marion Knox | Portland, ME | February 20, 2014

Congrats, Garry, on giving yourself an extended break. Now I get five minutes back six mornings a week.

Peter Mikkelsen | Pasco, WA | February 20, 2014

As I imagine life without new daily Doonesbury I recall the progression of the strip, from difficult-to-find through the rising-star phase and the "Ahem, controversial -- Is it more properly placed on the editorial pages?" issue into the superstar-of-the-zeitgeist status it has so richly earned as the world's best comic strip with its own multimedia editorial content website: Mudline, Say What?, The Sandbox, Blowback, Daily Briefing, et al... Oh how I wish GBT will find it in his purview to extend Doonesbury's life.

Karen | Huntington, WV | February 19, 2014

I'm an Alpha House junkie already, and I understand working at something different after, what, 43 years? So...good call. We who are about to adjust salute you.

Jim Smith | Jamestown, CA | February 19, 2014

Like the writer of a previous post, I too am a Vietnam Vet. We buy VWs and Toyotas, among other things, despite WWII. Don't hate the people. It was our politicians vs their politicians, as with Iraq, a horrible and terrible waste of individual patriotism, blood, and treasure. Blame the politicians. We should waterboard Bush and Cheney with the tears of the widows and orphans they created here and in Iraq.

Megan | Woodbridge, VA | February 18, 2014

I'm wishing GBT the best in his new creative endeavors, and will definitely be back every Sunday to see the new strip. I think we're all hoping that this hiatus is not a permanent one. Reading Doonesbury is the way I start my day.

Anna Richland | Seattle, WA | February 17, 2014

I want to thank Mr. Trudeau for the years of supporting The Sandbox, veterans and their families. Reading The Sandbox has been my way of staying informed about the situation and connected to those who came after me, and I will miss it when you sign off. I'm a veteran of the Balkans, and all my deployment stories are fun and surreal compared to post-9/11 stories, so I never contributed to The Sandbox. My memories are goofy things like running down a mountain road chasing a backward-rolling SUV that someone forgot to set the emergency brake on, hoping the thing wasn't going to go off a cliff before someone who was faster than me made it to the vehicle, because I was the one who had signed for it. I know I was lucky; Balkan roads were paved, safe and happy by the year 2000. Every time I read the Sandbox, I only wish for paved, safe and happy roads for every soldier. Seems like we can put up with a lot of other crap if the roads are right.

Although I loved my years of military service, and I'm proud of what I accomplished, I feel guilty thinking of myself as a veteran when so many others have sacrificed so much more. After years of reading The Sandbox, I have a better understand of what others sacrificed, and that all of us feel someone gave more. So at least I have found that universal connection, and I will miss it when the site is no longer updated.

Mr. Trudeau's strip and books also pointed me toward The Fisher House Foundation, and I've been inspired to become a supporter because of him. I'm a published romance author, and families of my characters stay in Fisher Houses and I let readers know about the charity's real-life mission at the end of my books. Mr. Trudeau's support for veterans on The Sandbox and his efforts to use his work to inform readers about real-life issues inspired me to try, in a much smaller way, to spread the word about the Fisher House Foundation through my romance novels. I became a better writer, and a better person, because of what I have read here for years. Thank you.

Fred Cairns | Oldham, UK | February 16, 2014

I've been following Doonesbury a long time -- long enough to recall Mr Trudeau's previous long-term hiatus. I'll miss it, indeed. It was a great day when the strip returned. I wish GBT every success in his other ventures, and hope, gently, that one day he will find sufficient time and energy to produce the strip as well. Hail and farewell -- but not, I hope, adieu.

Logan's Mom | St. Paul, MN | February 16, 2014

Everyone in our household sends GT positive energy. The coming months/years will offer a great opportunity to revisit, experience and reflect on Doonesbury adventures from the past. I hope GT's new adventures invigorate his spirit and sense of discovery. Things may never be "perfect" (whatever that is), but always remember that humanity benefits from your loving but wicked sense of humor.

Mike | Amsterdam, NY | February 16, 2014

As a Vietnam War veteran, I had the same feeling as B.D. when I got home on last year's Black Friday and pulled my new wireless printer/copier/scanner from its packaging. It was being sold at a very, very low price and I was delighted -- until I read "Made in Vietnam" on its side. For this, more than 50,000 American soldiers died!