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John | Madison, WI | September 21, 2016

Hey, look! Zonker's first appearance was 45 years ago today! Far out, indeed...

Donal Donnelly | Ardara, IRELAND | September 21, 2016

Today's strip is a perfect comment on class division. A sailor is as high as Alice can stretch. A taxi dancer is as low as bossman Phil Slackmeyer can bend. Dickens would love this one.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | September 19, 2016

Boopsie's review of history lends considerable verisimilitude to the dubious and barren idea of past lives and it’s “channeling” variant (with apologies to Shirley McClain). GBT offers a clever nod to Boospie’s backstory. She must be very well-read, indeed, to incorporate such a rich historical tapestry into her imaginative “past."

Ernie Adler | Carson City, NV | September 19, 2016

What do we have to lose? As noted in Sunday's comic strip -- everything, with Trump flying the plane.

Carol Bintner | Milwaukie, OR | September 18, 2016

I loved today's cartoon about the airplane passengers listening to some very odd comments from "the Captain." Not using Trump's name added to the cleverness, and referencing Mike Pence at the end was awesome. God help us if Trump wins! Garry, your body of work has always been great, but this will be one of my all time favorites. Press on!

Melinda W. Capozza | Augusta, GA | September 18, 2016

Re today's strip: Oooooh, Garry. Going right for the jugular. Attaboy!

Chris | Essex, MA | September 18, 2016

I read your comics every Sunday, and they are usually very entertaining. But regardless of who you like or dislike in the election I think that the constant Trump comics are getting old. I like comics that have current events incorporated into them, but I feel that every week for months it has been the same thing, and I would like to see some of your other great work come back.

Mary Asicit | Long Creek, SC | September 18, 2016

When reality meets "reality." May the awakening be enough to stop the plane.

Yvonne | Ottawa, CANADA | September 15, 2016

When I first read Boopsie's account of her past lives I was in my mid-twenties and remember being bored by the storyline and skimming it over. Reading it again now, three decades later, I am enjoying her description of a woman through Time as informative and hilarious -- which is why I return to Doonesbury daily. Thank you, et merci.

Sandra M. | Indianapolis, IN | September 14, 2016

I was thinking about Sunday's strip and your choice to actually depict Donald Trump instead of using an icon, in the grand tradition of the point of light, the waffle, the bomb-with-a-lit-fuse, the feather, the Stetson, the Roman helmet, et al. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Herr Gröpenfuhrer) was portrayed as a giant hand. Donald Trump could be portrayed as a tiny one!

Rick | Dayton, OH | September 14, 2016

If Trump wants classified info sent to Putin why doesn't he just have it forwarded to Hillary's e-mail account?

Mike | Bayonne, NJ | September 12, 2016

I guess I don't study the panel art like some people do. I look at the picture enough to recognize the person and the situation, and I read the text. I often chuckle. Sometimes, a day or so later, a more observant person points out something or other in the image. I go back and take another look. I enjoy that.

Susan Bein | Portland, OR | September 12, 2016

I love that the photos on Donald Trump's desk in the September 11th Sunday strip are not of his family, but of himself. I also love that you've ramped up the realism, including lots of icky details like the white around the eyes where the spray tan stops. Sadly, I think the thought bubbles are probably a really accurate reflection of his response to any in-depth topic.

Patrick | Jarrettsville, MD | September 12, 2016

Many readers have noted the change to the eyes that occurs when Doonesbury characters mature. And now we see a similar change in Trump's hands. As his ego has grown more pronounced (if that's possible), his hands have become less so. Small and floppy. Make of it what you will.

Mary Nagle | Allentown, PA | September 12, 2016

I am so offended by your comic strip. I just wanted to go on record. The door-to-door condom peddler series last week was a new low. Kids read the funnies.

S.A. | Lower Queensbury, CANADA | September 11, 2016

Trump really does have small hands!

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | September 11, 2016

According to the retrospective laws passed on the Ides of March 2017, this strip is illegal, and all devices displaying it are subject to confiscation and destruction.

Melinda W. Capozza | Augusta, GA | September 11, 2016

Today's cartoon completely cracked me up. While I consider Trump a disaster on the loose, I can understand his appeal to some people. On the other hand, I am astonished, and appalled, that people will vote for him. Go get 'em, GBT.

M.M. | Calgary, CANADA | September 11, 2016

"Can't you just send all this directly to Putin?" I laughed out loud. Hilarious!

Ribbit | Seattle, WA | September 07, 2016

Jimmy T. has "children's eyes."  He never lost his innocence. Good for him!