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Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | November 02, 2015

I've been reading the comments, mostly laudatory, on the 45 years of the strip, and I'm getting a bit testy that you're being compared to Mark Twain and/or Mike Royko. Garry, you're absolutely yourself. (Although I suspect Twain might have liked you a lot.) Keep on truckin'.

Joshua Eliason | Givat Ada, ISRAEL | November 02, 2015

Re yesterday's strip I didn't google "Kasich," but I did google "the fourth wall." Glad to see you haven't lost your inventive freshness. You still provoke me to research your gags. Okay, I admit it, I did google Kasich. But the fourth wall was more interesting.

Chris Levine | Clearwater, FL | November 02, 2015

I remember reading Doonesbury in the Daily Campus while a student at UConn in the early 70s. It resonated with many of us Baby Boomers back then, as it still does today. That was a time when the annual Yale/UConn football game was a big deal for in-state bragging rights; so when you did a shout-out to this tradition about 15 years ago I framed those cartoons. I will always be a fan!

Ian Orchard | Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND | November 02, 2015

Oh, thank heaven, Garry. When they run older comic strips often it's because the cartoonist has died and I didn't hear about it.  I just got your Anniversary Email and am delighted to hear you are both well and fit to go. Keep up the great work!

Tim | Long Beach, CA | November 02, 2015

I love the "Larry King look" in the header of your letter. Over the years you've offered up so many insightful "comics." Thank you. I'm so very happy that you've been an influence on the thoughts and politics of our times. I wish you continued health and success.

Dave Logan | Chicago, IL | November 02, 2015
Thanks for keeping us sane and entertained all these years. I used to see you walking your kids to school on West 88th Street and always wanted to stop you and go into fan-boy mode, but successfully resisted the urge. I know you likely appreciated my restraint. Thanks again for providing us with so many cherished memories over the years.
Mike W. Barr | Akron, OH | November 02, 2015

Congrats on #46! I've been following the strip since its earliest days and GBT's jousts with the management of the Akron Beacon Journal. Doonesbury Forever (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)!

Jennifer Jarvis-Schroeder | Tipp City, OH | November 02, 2015

I just want to say "Thank you" for all the awesome, pithy, biting, tender, politically incorrect funniness over the years. May you keep on aggravating the hell out of the Donald Trumps and Hilary Clintons of the world.

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | November 02, 2015
Congratulations on 45 years of Doonesbury, GBT. I was a high school senior in Bayonne, NJ, when you started. I discovered Doonesbury while at Lafayette. The strip has kept me in touch with the nuances of U.S. popular culture during the 35 years I've lived in Australia. Along with Peanuts, it represents the gold standard of the modern comic strip. If you wrote musicals, you'd be Gilbert and Sullivan. If you made documentary films, you'd be Ken Burns. If you wrote 19th century novels, you'd be Dickens, Austen, and Twain. Thanks for 45 years.
Michael R. Graham | USA | November 02, 2015

I can't believe it's been so long! And between sabbaticals and blackouts I feel like we missed something.Thankfully, you and the gang never have. Happy Birthday, and may savage comedy never grow old.

Carol Jackson | Los Lunas, NM | November 02, 2015

Hi, Mr. Trudeau, I've been reading your strip since about 1979 or 1980, and I'm still enjoying it. I really relate to Mike, but my favorite is Zonker. Yours is my second favorite comic strip (behind Peanuts) and I'll keep reading it until I die, I think. Forty-five years of strips? That's good for a lifetime. Please keep up the good work. Thanks.

Lynn Margolis | Austin, TX | November 01, 2015

Happy anniversary. Since childhood, reading the comics was the most important part of my day. After I became a journalist, it somehow held even more relevance. Thanks for all the fridge-worthy strips, and the memory of my late co-copy editor who lovingly named her cat Lacey after your character!

Evan Samuel | London, UK | November 01, 2015
Happy birthday. I first came across Doonesbury in Australia in the late Seventies, possibly early Eighties -- my university years. The strip was my crash course in U.S. politics and culture; I've got the collections (back to the Yale strips), I read it religiously (in the absence of, you know, religion) and I'm dreading the next five months in China, where I think I may struggle to get my fix. Carry on the great work. Reality and laughter: a potent combination.
Luc Alexander | Toronto, CANADA | November 01, 2015

Garry, you made my day for many years. Born and living in the UK, I read your strip since the '80s in collections, not the papers. But it helped me understand the strange country you live in and realise that it also contains a large number of decent people. Later on I married an American, then I moved to Canada (no, I still could not stand to live in a country with so many guns and so little public health, but I have come to appreciate many things about the American people). Now I proudly have a Prime Minister who shares your surname. It bodes well. You still make may day every day. I will read Doonesbury to the day I die.

Joyce Saenz Harris | Dallas, TX | November 01, 2015

You may recall that back in the mid-1970s, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did not run Doonesbury. So my friend Mark, who went to Emory University there, had me cut Doonesbury out of the Gainesville (FL) Sun every day, and I would mail him a week's worth of strips at a time. I did this for years, because I knew the strip was that important to him, just as it was to me. Forty years have passed since then, and Mark died of pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago at age 58, after a long career as a physician in Florida. But I'm still here, still a Doonesbury fan, and I remain so very grateful that you continue to make me laugh and make me think. That is no small gift. And if he were here, I know Mark would say the same. Happy 45th, GBT.

Brian Wilson | Tulsa, OK | November 01, 2015

From Michael Doonesbury's hometown, I want to thank you for 45 years of 'tooning. I have read every strip you've ever done. I even did a biographical research paper on you when I was in middle school, and you kindly hand-wrote me a letter, even though it was during the times when you had a "perverse aversion" (your words) from the public. That impressed me then and impresses me even more now (many decades later) because your answers to my questions were straightforward and adult. You didn't treat me like a 14 year old or look down on me. Again, thank you.

Mary Wamsley | Denver, CO | November 01, 2015

I recall reading Doonesbury when I was 21, 22 when it was first franchised, and it mirrored my own lefty perspective and proudly stood on the platform of political and social satire to inform. I have always been suspicious of those who don't read, or get, Doonesbury (and that includes the corporate you of the Denver Post; I'm still pissed about that, you editorial weaklings!) .Thanks to the GT Team for the last 45 years -- Joanie Caucus still rocks!

Patrick Michael | Chicago, IL | November 01, 2015
I grew up in a family where things were a I was brought up by Ann Landers, Mike Royko, and Garry Trudeau. Thank God for newspapers.
Allen | Barrington, IL | November 01, 2015

I cannot remember the last time I started my day without reading Doonesbury. Being just a bit younger than Mr. Trudeau I began relating to freshman Mike Doonesbury's awkward attempts at trying to find a date, continued through the exposure to the social, cultural, and political upheavals of the 1970s , and over the years have seen my own life experiences and attitudes reflected through the eyes of fictional characters who have become as welcome as old friends. Along the way they have made me laugh, cry, and kept me informed about the issues that define our collective place in the world. Thank you for providing the commentary for two generations (three with Alex's twins?). Your work will continue to withstand the test of time, and I think your strip will be remembered as the work of my generation's Mark Twain.

JoAnne Orr | OHIO | November 01, 2015

I like today's Doonesbury, but please do not give Kasich too much free publicity. Perhaps the strip is laying the groundwork for Kasich's "truth in advertising" campaign.