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John A. Arkansawyer | Little Rock, AR | October 20, 2015

Oh, Palm Beach, don't ever change! Just kidding. Change already!

Chris Campbell | Minneapolis, MN | October 19, 2015

I see two layers to yesterday's strip, with Z+Z discussing Trump U. while going about their bud nurturing. There is overt Trump-bashing (thank you), but I think we are also being asked to compare and contrast the two livelihoods, one of which smells delicious, while the other just smells.

Ray Lampe | Templeton, MA | October 18, 2015

In this time of hammer-blow subtlety in politics, I would call today's strip deliciously subversive. I love it!

Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | October 17, 2015

Re: Friday's Classic strip -- "My pass card?" Well golly, things haven't changed that much, have they. Which is sad, and very frustrating. All the time I spent "on the barricades," so to speak, for civil rights, women's rights, etc., and the situation really hasn't improved that much. Well, there have been some improvements, but not enough.

Editor's Note:

 Actually the series of 1985 strips about Palm Beach led to an improvement; Florida passed "The Doonesbury Bill," which made this kind worker registration ordinance illegal.

Alan Turner | New Castle, DE | October 14, 2015

Re today's "Why don't they just move to their country homes?" At my (rather privileged) high school, one year a student had a question during a history class about the Great Depression:

"But why did people have to stand in line for bread? Why didn't they buy some?"

"Because they didn't have any money."

"If they didn't have any money, why didn't they sell some of their stock?"

Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | October 12, 2015

Sunday's new strip (royal cannabis) was a hoot. But today's Classic, in which homelessness = an inept divorce lawyer, made me sigh with frustration -- after the giggle attack, of course -- because I'm acquainted with some people who have that exact mindset. As usual: thank you, GBT.

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | October 11, 2015

Good to see the young royals getting with it. They've always said Charlie's got a green thumb, but I'm not sure how organically grown Colorado's crop is. Z's call to action sounded like theirs is grown outside, but is it au naturel? I wouldn't want Harry to have gotten "artificial" stuff.

James McFarlane | Cape Town, S.A. | October 09, 2015

Mike was a Republican? With his background? I'm shattered.

D. Taylor | San Luis Obispo, CA | October 09, 2015

Oh, man. In yesterday's 15-years-ago Flashback strip Mark thinks, "I can't believe I'm still covering Bushes." I feel you, bro.

Giles McArdell | Sidcup, UK | October 08, 2015

Well, there it is, on the Flashback history page for today, October 8th: 35 years ago Mike asks J.J. out, and 15 years later she gets served for divorce.

Gary David | Macedonia, OH | October 06, 2015
Could Trump make it too easy for you to do cartoons? The man is one himself. Keep up the great work.
David Huntington | Houston, TX | October 06, 2015

I am absolutely amazed at the "blowback" from GBT's Trump cartoon. It didn't say anything negative about The Trumpster, nor his opponents. In point of fact, it demonstrated only how his pronouncements (and they were quotes) masked anything and everything that the rest of the field had to say. As Spock might have said (with a raised eyebrow), "Interesting."

Shelley | Meota, CANADA | October 05, 2015

Up here in Canada we have an election coming up on October 19th. We only have about two months of campaign silliness before we vote. I think you have over a year of infighting... Hopefully it's at least a little entertaining, and I hope for your sakes you vote in a good and decent individual. Up here we vote for the person not the party. Good luck in the next year.

Peter | Tasmania, AUSTRALIA | October 05, 2015

Viewed from Downunder, Donald Trump is far and away America's most entertaining politician. But, guys, do you really take him seriously? Lord help us all if you do. There's still a little space down here for those who need an escape route.

Bob Nichols | Circle Pines, MN | October 04, 2015

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press decided to not publish today's strip. They gave no reasons for their decision.This is in spite of the fact they will publish denigrating editorial cartoons concerning our president. And this is the middle of the road paper -- or it used to be. After 43 years, I chose to cancel my subscription.

Peter | Holliston, MA | October 04, 2015

For those who think Doonesbury is merely a tool of the liberal media, out to smear Republicans who only want to Restore America's Greatness, I suggest you do some research by reading some of the strips written during Democratic administrations. The cartoonist's pen skewers politicians regardless of party.

Len Sackett | Berkley, MI | October 04, 2015

Sad to say, but your Trump cartoon today is right on. I think he might know how to handle the American news media and drowned out the other Republican candidates. We have met the enemy and he is us.

Jim Lurgio | Palmetto, FL | October 04, 2015

I liked Doonesbury before it became a Republican/Fox News hate strip. I think someone should investigate Mr. Trudeau's motives because I don't see the humor.

Robert | Carolina Beach, NC | October 04, 2015

More Trump quotes, please please please! (To be honest, I couldn't care less about Trump's revolting words, but I love the reactions they provoke among some of your commenters!)

Robert | Carolina Beach, NC | October 04, 2015

More Trump quotes, please please please! (To be honest, I couldn't care less about Trump's revolting words, but I love the reactions they provoke among some of your commenters!)