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N.S.N. | Peoria, IL | October 26, 2011

As one of the last members of the baby boom generation, I accept the "clown" appellation on behalf of myself and my peers. It happened Abbie Hoffman and I had the same parole officer, at the same time and within 15 miles of each other. My parole officer and others in the region found the man to have an overblown sense of ego and self-importance. I'll also note that my generation is the one that introduced the concept of "greed is good," and went about trashing both our children's upbringing and their national inheritance. Sorry, kids. If you have me cremated and flush the cremains, I'll only feel bad for jamming up your toilet.

Nigel | Leeds, ENGLAND | October 26, 2011

I'm enjoying the strips on OWS. Occupy London seems to be far more mysterious than anything in the US. Here the movement is camped out at St Paul's cathederal which has had to close to the public for alleged health and safety reasons until the camp is disbanded. Now accusations are arising that very few of the occupy movement are actually on site overnight and that most are going home rather than camp on concrete. The occupiers are alleging that the thermal imaging evidence of empty tents is made up. It's turning into a conspiracy theorist's dream and the original reason is totally forgotten. We Brits -- can't even organise a decent protest!

David Berlin | Bradley Beach, NJ | October 26, 2011

Whoa, there, GBT. I resent the baby boomers as much as anyone else of my Generation ("Generation X"). But "clowns" is harsh. I don't think people like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and so forth were "clowns," although they were certainly power-tripping egotists. Honestly, as I've gotten older I've come to understand the Boomers better and to resent them less: they were trying to make the changes they felt were necessary in the world, by the means they felt they had available. They were trying to brighten the corner where they were, so to speak, much like the OWS folks. They did what they felt was right, given the data they had and the situation they were in -- just like the OWS folks. My biggest issue with the OWS folks is actually the media treatment -- particularly the patronizing "too cool for school" snark of the newspapers and news websites.

Terry McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | October 26, 2011

What? Doonesbury has revealed a leader to the Leaderless OWS and thus anointed him! It will be a lot of weight on his shoulders, Garry. Will he be rejected at Occupy for this? I fear the worst.

Al Smith | Lafayette, LA | October 25, 2011

You are so right! No one wants to be Leader of OWS because we have all seen what happens to Leaders that the US government doesn't like. Here is an idea for OWS. Take a Nobody, like myself, with average intelligence and speaking ability, and above-average naivete. Give him a new name and make some changes to his physical appearance. Let him lead. Then, when Fox News finally figures out who he is, find a new Nobody to lead. It could work.

Jerry Callen | Cambridge, MA | October 25, 2011

Marvelous Mark seems to be showing his age much more so than his contemporaries, like Mike and B.D. I hope he's not ill.

K. Snook | Alberta, CANADA | October 25, 2011

I've been a fan of GBT's use of icons for a few decades now, but his use of a paper bag for the (non)leader of OWS? Iconic icon!

Chuck Ogg | Milton, WI | October 25, 2011

One of the most exciting movements to arise in years, giving cause for optimism, and GBT represents Occupy with a guy wearing  a bag over his head? Not funny.

K. Williams | North Egremont, MA | October 25, 2011

Today it sounds like GBT is voting with the "A" crowd in the Straw Poll about OWS. I regret this -- I like to think we're on the same page; but I'm definitely in a different camp on this one.

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | October 24, 2011

Toggle is not the only one who has to deal with his PTSD. I expect to see him in Elias' support group soon, but living with a trauma survivor is tough on those who love them. I recommend that Alex have a talk with Boopsie, the savvy, experienced Army wife.

Margo | Shaw, CA | October 24, 2011

J.J. you were ahead of your time.

Donna Christopher | Lucerne, CA | October 24, 2011

Both sons have served (I myself am a Vet of the WAC), both were in Iraq at the same time and the youngest has also been to AfPak; looks like he's headed back -- I could see this coming from a mile away. It's seriously painful to see folks think Leo's reaction was going to be politically motivated vs. what it truly turned out to be. We are the other 1% -- those that fight these damnable wars and their families that support them and suffer their deployments. GBT/Doonesbury is my support group. We live out in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, farm critters are good listeners, and sometimes that's all it takes. But I sure do cherish these oddly human contacts I get from being a daily reader. Thank you.

Dr. M. | Fort Rucker, AL | October 23, 2011

Thank you so much for covering PTSD  and TBI with Toggle and B.D. I work at the VA and have seen how PTSD has burdened our soldiers and their families -- the ones from these G*d d*mned current wars, and those who've had it for over 40 years and are just now seeking help. (Most of the worse off ones from Vietnam are already dead of course.) Please keep reminding folks who seem to have forgotten about these wars that it is taking a real, tragic toll on this generation; and remind all that (sadly) the VA is the expert, with way too much experience, on treating PTSD.

Terry McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | October 23, 2011

B.D.'s words -- "It's game over - the rich won!" -- capture two big points; for the rich it's just a game like Monopoly, and in Monopoly no-one plays to the very end. When one player gets, let's say, 84% of the total property and money we congratulate them and end the game, everyone puts their money back in (as B.D. suggests) and we start again. The rich player then starts crying like a kid: "But I haven't got all the money yet! Let's go around a few more times. Please, you have to, or else I won't play again. Please, I own this game, etc, etc." Go B.D. End the game.

Brad Sargent | Encinitas, CA | October 23, 2011

I shudder to think how many people will read today's strip and say "That's what I'm saying. That's why I'm not out in the street. I would if I could." This could be our last chance.

Michael Dover | Amherst, MA | October 21, 2011

Leo's PTSD must be severe -- he never was in Kandahar. His service and his brain injury were in Iraq.

Editor's Note:

Like many servicemembers, Toggle has served multiple deployments. He got blown up in Iraq, but had an earlier tour in Afghanistan.

Chris Tjostelson | Santa Rosa, CA | October 21, 2011

If Leo's story doesn't touch the nation's heart, there is no heart.

Stan Mott | Neuss, GERMANY | October 21, 2011

The strip today is absolutely moving and wonderful! Thanks for the lovely story.

Rebecca Weiner | New Haven, CT | October 21, 2011

Whew! For a day I worried that GBT, who has called Alex self-absorbed, was actually going to have her abandon Toggle to a PTSD episode. They're GBT's characters, but IMHO whatever Alex's issues, she ain't that self-absorbed. Glad they're both staying the course. I'm looking forward to their political discussion, once Toggle can breathe easy again.

Lynn Beldner | Oakland, CA | October 21, 2011

I have PTSD, so every time I see Toggle and Alex it helps me a lot, just to know that I am not alone. So many people do not "get it" when you say you have PTSD. I never know what will set me off. Yesterday we had two earthquakes here and my house really shook. Houses should not go up and down. That's bad. Thanks so much for your compassion!