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Lost Again | Bay Pointe, CA | February 02, 2014

I am a daily reader and have all Doonesbury books save Action Figure, the one with the toy Duke doll. I live and breathe this strip! So why am I unable to track today's offering? Who the #*!@^ is Mr White?  Am I getting Alzheimer's?

Editor's Note:

 Two words: Breaking Bad.

Bonnie Nestor | Oak Ridge, TN | February 01, 2014

Alex should consider applying for one of the Liane Russell Early Career Fellowships offered by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (I work at ORNL and I've met Lee Russell, who is a genuine living legend.) Alex would be a dynamite candidate, and I'm sure we could find work here for Toggle, maybe in the Lab's Global Security Directorate. I'd love for you to let early-career PhDs everywhere know that opportunities for funding do exist!

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | February 01, 2014

Perhaps it is time Drew started looking into schools in Europe.

Benjamin Smeall | Green Bay, WI and Cochabamba, BOLIVIA | February 01, 2014

Doonesbury is calling attention to the fact that there is very little support given in this nation (the United States of America) for anyone brave enough (or foolish enough) to have children. A condition which we should change!

Paul Henning | Buffalo, NY | February 01, 2014

Yeah, jobs. We are looking at an economic structure that has less and less use for us and providing for us. More and more of us are being tossed onto some kind of scrap heap in the pursuit of bigger and better profits.

Vicky Ferguson | USA | February 01, 2014

You hit the nail right on the head! My daughter is in pharmacy school, and the statement that Alex made today is exactly what she thinks every morning...

Sam Sam | Richmond, VA | February 01, 2014

"Amassing debt." Oh so true! With two in college and little hope of finding permanent jobs (they both are waitressing during school) how will they live their lives? Jobs, where are the jobs?

Lynn | New York, NY | February 01, 2014

Awesome video on Friday of the muscle music. I love how eclectic you people are in choosing the video of the day. This one really reflects the awesomness of creativity. Thanks for keeping the feature interesting.

Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | February 01, 2014

That Cyranesque nose that Alex sports will yet be severed to spite her face. While there are some scientific disciplines that may suffer a dearth of financial support -- hence, no hiring -- I doubt that "microrobotics" would be among them. A PhD from MIT in such a field could only fail at her interview.

Francesca | Fort Collins, CO | February 01, 2014

As a PhD engineer like Alex, I can say that the early days of motherhood wound up being pretty much the hardest thing I'd ever done. I love both my kids dearly, but figuring out how to get my firstborn to sleep was beyond me. As an introvert, the lack of personal time was almost worse than the lack of sleep. I think Alex's reactions are entirely natural and not an indicator about her staying power as a mother.

P.A. | NEW ENGLAND | January 31, 2014

Why does it take a cartoonist to capture the absurdity of our national insistence that there is a "shortage" of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)-trained workers? There's no shortage of workers. There's a dearth of employers willing to hire the available workers at a reasonable wage.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | January 31, 2014

Thanks for today's strip: "Don't you know anything?" Touché! Skewered the tendency by some members of the public to make hostile, bigoted, unreasonable statements.

Peter Mikkelsen | Pasco, WA | January 30, 2014

Has GBT ever been tested for clairvoyance? Reading today's Flashback from 20 years ago just reinforces a pet theory of mine. I've long thought that prophecy has been alive and well throughout history. It's just that modern prophets are typically working artists; musicians, poets, filmmakers, authors, barstool pundits, and -- prima facie -- cartoonists.

Bill | Charlottesville, VA | January 30, 2014

Mia goes back to her life, while Alex is stuck in motherhood and Starbucks. And yet... I have this feeling that one day one of them will end up working for the other. Rescue story! Their paths are bound to cross again. Mia's just too strong a character to fade away.

T.M. | Grand Rapids, MI | January 29, 2014

Poor Alex! Someone needs to tell her; kids act out more with those with whom they feel safest! It's a compliment (albeit a little backhanded). How many moms have heard, "Oh, but your kids are angels with me!" It's because kids know they can "let it all hang out" with Mom and still be loved.

Angie S. | Stafford, VA | January 29, 2014

The hardest part of parenting is always the insecurity -- especially for the first-timers. Poor Alex, who already suffers from a distinct lack of decent mothering role models, is getting double-teamed by twins! Thank goodness Mia is so encouraging and supportive. Maybe a mother-figure for the mother in the making?

Peter | East Setauket, NY | January 29, 2014

It's unsettling to see folks criticizing Alex's reactions to motherhood. As a father (and now a grandfather) I can see how much more stressful parenthood is for the mom, especially in today's culture of anxious parenthood. Alex is just being real, as she always has; she's one of my favorite characters in the strip. I love the sequences with her, Toggle, the twins, and Mia.

John Gahlt | Anchorage, AK | January 28, 2014

"Guys! Let's call it a night, Okay?" Hah! GBT is venturing into fantasy. If he actually pulled that off with his infants, then like Alex, I "hate" him too.

John P. | Silverton, CO | January 28, 2014

I hope that Sam has a safety valve, like Walden or Harvard.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | January 28, 2014

Thanks so much for today's Daily Briefing link to the NYT Pete Seeger obit. He was my favourite folksinger.  Doonesbury readers might also like to read this piece in The Telegraph: "Pete Seeger: Ten Great Songs."

Editor's Note:

 And there's this, by performer, educator and author Stuart Stotts: "He was about singing together."