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Bill | Charlottesville, VA | January 08, 2014

"I'll be here. Serving."  Serving what? Whom? America? Karzai? A government war agenda? The military-industrial complex? A need for purpose and a bonding experience? (Try one that's not so destructive, Mel.) The lack of a clear, justifiable answer to that question is probably why Afghanistan has dropped off the radar for most of us. It's like that when the shame/threat ratio is rather high.

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | January 08, 2014

I'm really enjoying the 10-years-ago-today Flashback story arc about ticketing SUVs. I urge similar "ticketing" of car owners with no common courtesy/common sense who take up two parking spaces, block mall driveways instead of using the parking lot, etc.

Allie | Gettysburg, PA | January 08, 2014

Thank you for today's reminder. I would dearly love to see us talking about this instead of the weather.

Piper | Portland, OR | January 07, 2014

The Straw Poll gave a huge laugh this morning -- I wonder if you deliberately designed it so that the results would resemble "the finger." Quite appropriate, given the context.

Laurel Pollard | Tucson, AZ | January 06, 2014

Today's strip about Mel struck a deep chord for me. Many thanks for keeping people's awareness on servicewomen, along with the men.

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | January 06, 2014

More Melissa! Excellent! She's definitely the most interesting member of the Alex-Toggle-Jeff-Zipper-Earl generation in Doonesbury.

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | January 05, 2014

It's good to see the Council of Elders refusing over-fertilization but I'd be far happier if they were demanding organic fertilizer and with their roots in real soil. They need to be free, to see the sky and to dream... to give their loving consumers a natural Rocky Mountain High (cue song).

Karen Hale | San Diego, CA | January 05, 2014

Like Zonker, I also am overcome. He has been working for this moment all his life, and he is vindicated. Now what does he do? I loved his reply to Zipper. The "boomers" are now the elders. Wow!

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | January 05, 2014

Lots of people talk to their plants; Zonker is privileged indeed his that plants talk to him. I doubt they will talk to Zipper at all, or that he could hear them if they did.

Matt | New York, NY | January 05, 2014

Since ZZ are using Duke's farm, I imagine he'll be showing up soon to demand his cut.

Withheld by request | Henderson, NV | January 05, 2014

Oh wow, Zonk -- oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

Joan Kaplan | Annapolis, MD | January 04, 2014

Bring in Monsanto for help.

Donanon | Sausalito, CA | January 04, 2014

It's still early in the season, but the Z's need to keep an eye out for Zeke. Once he gets wind of this he's sure to begin plotting!

Sunmusing | Poania, CO | January 04, 2014

I used to talk to my "ladies" all the time. That was way back when one had to be discrete -- with the law and with the ladies. It worked with the ladies and I never had to talk to the law.

Paul Hawkins | Wooster, OH | January 04, 2014

Talking to plants... Nice to see Zonker getting back to his roots! (Rim shot!)

Jim Smith | Jamestown, CA | January 03, 2014

Zonker needs a copy of The Wise Old Gnome Speaks: How to Really, Really, Really Care About Your Garden. Gnome is more of a plant empath, but whispering is good, as plants like the CO2!

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | January 03, 2014

I'm very disappointed the Zees' crop is hydroponic. I hope they will quickly see the error of their ways and raise their next with pure natural sunshine (I know Colorado may not always be the warmest climate, but...).

Brian Corby | New York, NY | January 02, 2014

What a sweet surprise to see Z talking to his plants again…..i guess i should have seen that coming!

Jimmy Hart | London, ENGLANDLAND | January 02, 2014

Is Zonker going to turn into a nice version of Walter White? Like White, Zonker has been full of potential his entire life and now fate is conspiring to make him the person he was always supposed to be.

Jim Mitchell | Everett, WA | January 02, 2014

"Rocky Mountain High" was written up at Williams Lake near Old Snowmass. John and his friend Tom were up there on an October afternoon swimming in the lake and doing some mushrooms. There is a big boulder in the middle of the lake that was heated by the sunshine all day. In the evening, John and Tom crawled up on the warm boulder and lay there looking up at the meteor shower in the sky.