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Jenny Marshall | Seattle, WA | October 25, 2016

Thank you, Garry. I loved your Sunday strip. As a Mental Health Counselor I couldn't understand why someone wasn't calling him out for what he is; a mysogynistic sociopath with an anger problem and a trigger finger -- the last person we want in charge of our nuclear weapons! Don't worry about him suing you; there's enough evidence in the DSM-V that you could get a million psychologists to back you up. Good work.

Scott Jacobsen | Hamilton, CANADA | October 23, 2016

I see you are finally going after HRC today -- "lies like a sociopath." It's good to see some perspective.

Jenny Wettersten | Grand Rapids, MN | October 23, 2016

Ah yes, a referendum on mental health (The Donald's). But rather than being a sociopath, I think he has NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), with some histrionic and antisocial features to be sure!

Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | October 21, 2016

Re today's Classic strip: "From whom, bro?" Yes! Proper use of "whom"! Grammar lives!

Barbara H. Partee | Amherst, MA | October 18, 2016

Trump challenging Clinton to take a drug test? He's been reading the Flashbacks about Clyde's challenge to Lacey!

Editor's Note:

Indeed. Check out the current FAQ, which offers a link to the strips from that 1986 storyline.

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | October 16, 2016

So six weeks ago Trudeau took a wild guess that sexual harrassment might become an issue in the election -- but he couldn't guess that "microagressions" would be such a YUGE understatement.

L.H. | Rockport, MA | October 14, 2016

Thank you for posting the video of Michelle Obama's powerful speech today. I cannot watch it enough times, and I cannot watch it without tearing up because it expresses so many of the overwhelming feelings -- of shame, disgust, indignation, pride, and hope -- that I have felt during this campaign. We should all be proud of Mrs. Obama for speaking these truths.

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | October 09, 2016

Thank you for Today's Video about Chicago in 1968. I remember it clearly, but never saw the TV discussions of it (and, of course, the Democratic Party Convention itself). I now think that was the beginning of a decline that led us to (among other things) Trump.

Pam FitzGerald | Perth, CANADA | October 09, 2016

Garry, your cartoons encouraged me for decades to get out of bed and care about the world ... and all before breakfast. They helped shape my thinking for the better, and I hope I've been able to pass this along in my own small way. We rarely know how we influence others. Thank you for being an inspiration in mine.

Richard Hart | Luton, ENGLAND | October 07, 2016

I have always found Roland Hedley to be the most depressing Doonesbury character because he was once a dedicated seeker of truth and turned into a shill for hucksters and knaves.

Roger Miller | Nathrop, CO | October 05, 2016

Re Trump's "a lot of people can't handle it" remark on war: I only did one tour of Viet Nam and I still have occasional flashbacks. PTSD is real, and there is no way our military personnel now doing five or six tours in Afghanistan stand a chance of coming back without some emotional/psychological baggage. Sorry Donald, strength has nothing to do with it.

Mike Davis | Victoria, CANADA | October 03, 2016

Garry, thank you for so many years of laughs and insights. I just finished reading through the whole damn pile (not for the first time) -- from the Yale cartoons to The Weed Whisperer -- and it is a brilliant history our society and politics. Your work will not be matched, and when future generations want to understand how things really happened and were perceived -- they should look to Doonesbury. Thanks again. 

John Gordon | Spartanburg, SC | October 02, 2016

I have at times been irritated by the strip, but I have always loved it. Thank you.

Linda Keating | Hayward, CA | October 01, 2016

Bless you for your exposure of Trump's total lack of qualifications, his rudeness, lies, etc. I am really worried about this election and how many people support him.

Mary Beth Frezon | Brainard, NY | September 27, 2016

What a perfect video selection for day-one-post-debate. If you can't get behind Stars and Stripes Forever I don't know what you can support. Pre-coffee, it got me up to feed the cats and do what has to be done. Many thanks!

Paula Adams | Columbus, GA | September 26, 2016

I love today's "Song of the Day" --  Earth, Wind & Fire! Maurice White will be missed. I also love your website and cartoons!

John | Madison, WI | September 21, 2016

Hey, look! Zonker's first appearance was 45 years ago today! Far out, indeed...

Donal Donnelly | Ardara, IRELAND | September 21, 2016

Today's strip is a perfect comment on class division. A sailor is as high as Alice can stretch. A taxi dancer is as low as bossman Phil Slackmeyer can bend. Dickens would love this one.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | September 19, 2016

Boopsie's review of history lends considerable verisimilitude to the dubious and barren idea of past lives and it’s “channeling” variant (with apologies to Shirley McClain). GBT offers a clever nod to Boospie’s backstory. She must be very well-read, indeed, to incorporate such a rich historical tapestry into her imaginative “past."

Ernie Adler | Carson City, NV | September 19, 2016

What do we have to lose? As noted in Sunday's comic strip -- everything, with Trump flying the plane.