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    Mountain Caddy | Sugarloaf, CA | November 22, 2011

    These recent strips about Rascal and his dad are just wrong. Or rather, right. A dead-on reminder of me and my late dad over running a marathon together. We were like that because my apple didn't fall far from Dad's tree. Wonder if it's like that (subconscious bottom line) for DB's father-son pair?


    Bernard | Washington, D.C. | November 21, 2011

    Yes Jeff, this does indeed change everything. Ian Fleming sold Casino Royale and got an entire career. Stephen King sold Carrie and got an entire career. As annoying as Jeff is, and as sympathetic as I am to his long-suffering parents, I hope it works the same for him and the Red Rascal.


    Sidonia Schumann | Fort Bragg, NC | November 21, 2011

    Deliver me from old dog - new dog generational competitiveness. Wild and crazy cheers for the utterly testosterone-tension of the third frame;  few can express seething fury with stone silence and pull it off. What a wonderful example for those who would "Honor thy father....."


    Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | November 21, 2011

    There you have it -- the whole round of Redfern nuttiness in a nutshell.


    Victor Field | London, ENGLAND | November 20, 2011

    Sons aren't supposed to do worse than their fathers, but when someone like Jeff Redfern has a blockbuster on their hands while Rick is a downsized journalist... If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, the expression on Rick's face in the last panel is.

  • PITY

    Steve | Wadsworth, OH | November 20, 2011

    Oh Papa, have pity on me. If I can't have Red Rascal's red-headed editor, I will throw myself into the sea!


    U.D. | Boston, RED SOX NATION | November 20, 2011

    Is it irrational to develop a complete and total loathing for a fictional character? I never thought I hate one as much as J.J., but Jeff Redfern just knocked her off the top of the list. He is what parents of Rick and Joanie's ilk have created and deserve. For all her arrogance, superficiality and instability even Alex shows some heart, compared to the complete waste of genetic material the Jeffs of the world are.


    Ben Ezzell | Phoenix, AZ | November 20, 2011

    Jeff, dear Jeff. I'm so glad you're published. And I'd love to tell you why it amuses me so much -- but then I'd have to...well, you know.


    Dave | Kennewick, WA | November 19, 2011

    It took me five years, but I have essentially read the entire Doonesbury corpus with help from your site. Thanks.


    Alex | Brooklyn, NY | November 19, 2011

    Alex isn't autistic. She's tiresome. Completely inner-directed. Even with Leo. I keep wondering when she (or Leo) will realize that Alex "loves" Leo for the same reason some parents INSIST, AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS, that the doctors find something developmentally wrong with their child. "Oh, you may be a parent, but I, I (pause to pat chest for emphasis, put slight catch in voice) have a child with sufferitis. You can't understand how much of a sacrifice I, I (pat chest) make every single day." It's a game to these people. It isn't about others, it's about themselves and how they have to make sure that no matter what the event, they are the center of attention.

  • ALEX

    Jon Mann | Santa Monica, CA | November 19, 2011

    Is Alex on the Autism Spectrum?


    Susan Adams | Portsmouth, NH | November 19, 2011

    I love the clash of generations between Joanie and Alex, and I love that they each enjoy the other's company.

  • OH, ALEX!

    Kathleen | Brooklyn, NY | November 19, 2011

    Oh, Alex! Would that I were so young and stupid again...

  • ALEX

    Martin Snapp | Berkeley, CA | November 18, 2011

    I adore Alex. I find her a breath of fresh air.

  • YES!

    Maerzie | Florence, WI | November 18, 2011

    Yes! Keep up the good work. I love the Elizabeth Warren sign in the background of today's strip and the hint of Rick Perry's memory lapse. Somehow, you manage to fit in all the goodies.

  • UH-OH

    John Burscough | Brigg, UK | November 18, 2011

    A doctor's view: Uh-oh. This isn't looking good for Joanie. Alzheimer's?

  • ALEX

    K.P. | Chicago, IL | November 18, 2011

    Alex is the most annoying character I've ever encountered in any fictional publication. Don't get me wrong GBT, I feel like she absolutely needs to be in Doonesbury. But every day I want to throw my cup of coffee at her. Clueless, smart people like with this, who are too idealistic to recognize the context of a situation, drive me absolutely bonkers.


    Kevin McGee | Worcester, MA | November 18, 2011

    Thanks for the shout-out to Woostah (known affectionately around here as "Wormtown") in today's strip. You've captured the attitudes perfectly -- we're both welcoming and challenging in these parts.


    Adam | Tsukuba, JAPAN | November 17, 2011

    Hey! Isn't the obnoxious prat in the glasses giving Joanie a hard time Howie, the little snot-nosed sexist brat from her day-care class?


    Thomas Williams | Annapolis, MD | November 16, 2011

    Today's strip made me compare Howard Dean's crucifixion for a mere war whoop to the accusations of sexual harassment and racism made against today's GOP contenders. Howard Dean's legacy must include the fact that he showed all future candidates how to use the Internet during a campaign.