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    Nigel | Leed, ENGLAND | November 16, 2011

    Today's strip really reflects well the 20-somethings of today. Well meaning, but sometimes insensitive in the way they express their concerns.


    Doug Bowker | Salem, MA | November 15, 2011

    I have been reading Doonesbury for forever, it seems, and more often than not it brings a smile to my morning. Today, I actually laughed out loud with the droll conversation between Alex and Joannie, and the offer to cover for any "senior stuff." Love it! And it must be a situation many aging boomers confront, part multi-generation gap, part truth. I recall Joannie hopping into the chopper sidecar with Mark back in the day (with Mike getting left behind of course) and now her granddaughter is concerned she'll break a hip at a meeting. As usual, good writing on so many levels.

  • B.D.

    Laurie E. | Bloomington, IN | November 14, 2011

    I agree with NOT CARING. Not only has B.D.'s emotional growth made him very appealing, but finally women have our equivalent to Jessica Rabbit.


    Steve | Wadsworth, OH | November 13, 2011

    It's good to see a little honesty on Sunday. God bless those honest republicans as they seek to impose real democracy on our ballot boxes.


    Michael Messina-Yauchzy | Syracuse, NY | November 13, 2011

    Jim Andrews, "The Honest Man," for President! We'd love to campaign against him. He'd do half the work for us!


    Freeda St. John | Cane Ridge, TN | November 13, 2011

    You hit the nail right on the head! Today's strip is one to definitely hang on to. I've cut it out of the paper and am filing it, along with others, in my political truth file. I don't suppose there is any way for you to get out the complete truth,  about Grover Norquist and the spineless GOP elected officials who are scared s---less about his power to kick them out of office. I say they have all sold their souls to the devil for money and power. And they don't care how many thousands will be homeless, hungry, and dying as the result of all the cuts they say they'll make to services for those they promise to represent but won't. Excuse the implied bad language of a sick old lady, about to turn seventy, who long ago earned the right to speak her mind. Keep up the good work. I love you for what you do.


    Don Higgins | Essex, CT | November 13, 2011

    In spite of the fact that here in CT we have voter ID, large numbers of Democrats are elected year after year.


    Bruce Small | Tucson, AZ | November 13, 2011

    The trouble is, our voter registrar insists she has seen no evidence of voter fraud, therefore there is no reason to look for possible voter fraud. I kid you not. That is what our local officials say.


    Robert D. Tullis | Salem, OH | November 13, 2011

    If one is not intelligent enough to get a valid ID, they're not intelligent enough to vote. Stealing elections happens with both parties, but the Democrats have the drill down better. Have you ever heard of ACORN?


    Jane | Louisville, KY | November 12, 2011

    Like Alex, my daughter went to MIT. While there, a friend asked her to sit an albino corn snake. She graduated, got married, and three years later -- she still has the corn snake!


    Linda Gilcreast | Greenfield, MA | November 12, 2011

    Are you watching me?! My 22-year-old granddaughter recently moved in with me, and yesterday she arrived home with a python.


    Rex Forkner | Portland, OR | November 11, 2011

    You forgot one important box on the Penn State Straw Poll: "D: All of the above." I cannot fathom any of those people's actions. Or inactions. It's all unbelievable.


    Maerzie | Florence, WI | November 10, 2011

    How can the strip today claim that the OWS protestors want "nothing"? It's been obvious from the beginning that they want our real democracy back, where people, human being individuals, actually have a say, instead of our country being run by the few, who inherited, or by some fluke, other than really working for it in most cases, amassed their multi-millions and billions.


    John A. Arkansawyer | Little Rock, AR | November 10, 2011

    Poor Joanie. She looks at the Occupy movement and sees voters rather than citizens. That's how the Democratic Party got into this ever-deepening hole in the first place. "The sage points at the moon; the fool looks at the finger."


    Steve | Wadsworth, OH | November 09, 2011

    Thanks, Doonesbury, for bringing the Boston Occupy / Bain Capitol connection to light. An encouraging sign for us progressives. You are the 99%!


    Allie | Gettysburg, PA | November 09, 2011

    The side effect of my lifestyle and location is that I know people who support OWS and people who support the Tea Party Movement. I love today's strip, but in honesty, I've seen more action towards the voting booth in the TPMers than in the OWSers. The outcome should be interesting.


    Mary McFadden | San Francisco, CA | November 06, 2011

    I wonder if the lesser number of under-30-year-olds responding to the current Straw Poll about OWS reflects the age of Doonesbury's audience. If the audience for Doonesbury is mostly over 30, perhaps those of us who lived through the Vietnam War have failed to communicate that history which would make Doonesbury more relevant to today's audience. Of course, there's no draft now, and because it directly affected almost everyone, the Vietnam War pulled the country together and allowed us to do other things. But the idealism was undermined by jingoism, by the melding of patriotism and profit. Now it's okay to say or imply that poverty is the result of a character flaw, not a rigged game. OWS is like shadow boxing. There's no clear enemy, just a general discontent, and there's no one issue to resolve.


    S.M. Wheeler | T. Falls, MT | November 06, 2011

    I must tell you that after years of not caring for him all that much I've finally, completely, fallen for B.D. The Doonesbury family belongs to us all in a very special way. Thank you, GBT, for telling all of our stories.


    Joel Calhoun | Monticello, MS | November 06, 2011

    Apparently, B.D. doesn't know how blackmail works any more than Zeke did -- especially when you consider the fact that his team's on the same level as the Miami Dolphins right now.


    Yundah | Olivet, MI | November 06, 2011

    I'm a very liberal professor at a small liberal arts college. Ten years ago I taught a class that focused on development of critical thinking skills by using current and historical events. I invited my fellow employees, from all areas of the college, who were veterans to come into my class and talk to my students about how they had served and why they had served, and what it meant to them, then and now. On the ninth of this month, I will offer the program again. We have moved the program my 30-person classroom to the auditorium, and to a time when other classes can attend.

    We fill the room with quiet, respectful, students, faculty and staff, who listen to students, faculty, and staff tell their stories about being a member of the armed forces. The number of panelists who participate has risen, but the stories are real and raw and we all leave the room with enhanced respect for the sacrifice our service members and their families make. We hand out cards for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program and fill a good size box with signed cards and good wishes. I started this because I'm a brat; my dad and his dad and my mom's dad all served. My nephew is currently serving. It's how I and, I'm proud to say, several hundred members of my college community, choose to honor those of us who served or are serving. Oh, and we'll take every vet we can get; great students, focused and disciplined.