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Patti H. | Rome, NY | May 15, 2017

Yikes! Zonker and his plants have foreshadowing down to a science in the 35-years-ago-today Flashback strip! Talk about scary.

R.J. | Charlotte, NC | May 14, 2017

The way things have been going lately, Trudeau may end up reprising the 1973 'Guilty, guilty, guilty!' strip.

Evans Wohlforth | Newark, NJ | May 13, 2017

Today's 35-years-ago Flashback strip is a true classic -- Zonker consoling his friend, the tropical potted plant who is yearning to join the free temperate-zone plants in the wild. A perfectly balanced and profoundly funny strip; dry, well-crafted wit. Thank you.

Jahn Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | May 11, 2017

Yesterday's strip was a fun wink at the 1988 readership, many of whom assumed that Mike, Zonk, B.D., Boopsie, etc. went to the same school as GBT himself. I know how Zonker felt -- I often assumed they all went to Yale!

Thad Humphries | Charlottesville, VA | May 09, 2017

Walden won't accept anyone with a criminal record? No wonder they haven't fielded a championship football team.

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | May 07, 2017

I just love it that in today's strip the older generation have their noses in their screens -- but Sam is reading a book!

J.J. | Roseland, FL | May 05, 2017

Today's strip is perfect!! Jeremy's skill and wisdom in courtship parallels our President's abilities in the Oval Office.

Neal Byles | Concord, NH | May 03, 2017

I had forgotten that Lacey wore her hat while bathing. Is there a chance that the Congresswoman was related to B.D.? "Davenport" does begin with a "D."

Ellen A. Malone | Mt. Lake, PA | May 02, 2017

The medium is the massage. I am sure I see myself in J.J.'s painting. Resistance is cathARTic!

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | May 01, 2017

Given that GBT has sabbatically reprised J.J.'s mid-80s foray into (broadly speaking) "non-representational art," yesterday's Sunday strip showing her Pollock-sized, if not Pollock-splattered, painting couldn't be an accident.

Tom | San Francisco, CA | April 30, 2017

Well, when it comes to Trump, J.J. would know. She painted the "hooters" on the nymphs on his yacht, while repeating to herself under her breath, "You have a family..." I wonder whether she is one of the contractors he has stiffed.

Karen | Layton, UT | April 30, 2017

Finally, after all these years, we get a positive story about J.J.! (I always felt a little sorry for her anyway.) Yes, art remains her primary motivation, but at least her muse is pointing her in the right direction.

Chris W. | U.S. of A. | April 30, 2017

I'd always assumed J.J. was the one who designed the, um, hats. You know the ones I mean.

Kerry Killingsworth | Auburn, AL | April 30, 2017

As a man and a feminist, I think it is wonderful to see J.J. in this light.

Charles Browne | Hogansville, GA | April 30, 2017

I've always been a fan, but today's strip, for some reason, just "said it all." Masterful indeed to evoke such a visceral response with the final panel. Well done!

David | Waltrop, GERMANY | April 30, 2017

You know, I completely misguessed the punchline today. I thought J.J. would have been one of several artists commissioned to do a theme like "the largest inauguration crowd in history" as a counterweight to the protests. But I have to admit that this calls more for the photoshopping talents of, uh, Zipper?

Matthew | London, UK | April 30, 2017

J.J. has acquired a social and political conscience? Why, it's a Trump miracle!

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | April 28, 2017

Speaking of geography, travel is a great way for people to find out about the world, but it's a double-edged sword with regard to making the world a better place in the long term. All those people flying around constantly, burning vast quantities of fossil fuels that pollute the environment and add to climate change; there's not a lot of point to learning about the world if there's not going to be much of a world left to know about...

Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | April 26, 2017

Geography is so important. And travel. After teaching university for four years in a wealthy Persian Gulf country, to mostly Muslim students whose parents were from 20-plus countries in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and SE Asia, my memories are of happy, cooperative, friendly, and hospitable people -- mostly women -- who love to laugh and who respect teachers. With "family values." So different from the image one gets from TV. If only more (U.S.) Americans would travel and see that the majority of people in the world just want to get through their lives, support their families, and have the pleasures of socializing. They all would wish me Merry Christmas, by the way, and Christmas trees and ornaments were for sale in many stores.

Steve Miracle | Wadsworth, OH | April 26, 2017

In today's Classic strip on North Korea you could very easily substitute Donald Trump for Miss Nouri.