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Terence McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | September 08, 2011

Besides eating the donut between panels one and three, he also slipped the serviette from under his coffee across the table and under Roland's coffee. Red Rascal really is a master spy. It's not just a fantasy.

Marcia | Boulder, CO | September 08, 2011

Oh, Jeff... I now recognize as prophetic an old strip (mid-80s, immediately post-sabbatical, as I recall) where Jeff is a baby and Rick is chronicling the joys of fatherhood in the wee hours of the morning and notes: "I diaper his head."

Nick | Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA | September 08, 2011

Hmmm. I am not the cynical type, but editors like Becca Bickle are known for paying attention to detail. I have a hard time believing she messed up with the wrong galley proofs. Did she intentionally give the McGinniss book to Jeff thinking he might get it some free press?

Alex | Brooklyn, NY | September 07, 2011

In one strip, GBT has explained everything that is pathologically flawed and sickening in America. Baby Boomers like RH, who'll stab anyone in the back to get ahead -- and have done so for decades. Obviously, the publisher will be furious, obviously RH is throwing Jeff the Idiot to the wolves. And RH knows it. And in RH's sick calculus, hey, them's the breaks. One can almost hear him shouting "Hey, I was only following orders. If I didn't take advantage of the kid, someone else woulda! I'm not a bad person! He was asking for it!" Jeff Redfern shows us the morally empty result of so many BBer experiments in producing children. The kid doesn't even have the brains to simply default to, "Someone made a mistake. The correct behavior is to call them up and point it out. Why is it correct? Because that's what I'd be hoping someone would do if the roles were reversed." The two deserve each other.

Benjamin Watson | Mansfield, CT | September 07, 2011

Wow. If Jeff is swindled by Roland that would be a new low.

Craig Vincent | Seattle, WA | September 07, 2011

Another of your correspondents recently wrote "Doonesbury is a staple of citizenship in America", and I just have to say how much that resonates. In our increasingly fragmented society, Doonesbury also remains among the few shared experiences that millions can relate to. I am sure many of us readers can share memories of long-ago story lines, even specific panels. I remember exactly where I was when I first encountered the wordless panel of B.D. reflecting on the fall of Saigon. Boopsie's "Whew!" when Sam responded to news of B.D.'s injury with "Daddy's coming home!" will, I expect, stay with me for the rest of my life. I'll bet I'm not alone on either count. And I wanted to join the chorus of Becca Bickle fans! Becca seems to be one of the most promising and popular new characters since Toggle.

Roy | London, UK | September 07, 2011

Jeff needs to remember that his dad is also a freelance journalist who'd give his back teeth for advance sight of the Palin biography.

Angelo | ITALY | September 06, 2011

Jeff is so going to screw up his good luck again...

Mary | San Francisco, CA | September 06, 2011

Oh, yikes. Jeff is going to hand McGinniss's bio of Palin to RH for 30 pieces of silver. And Roland, as opposed to Dad, will make hay while the sun shines. Please, please, Jeff, come to your senses. No good will come of this.

Pam Bishop | Atlanta, GA | September 06, 2011

Regarding the mixup of book galleys, Garry Trudeau's brain is beyond fertile: it's diabolical.

Sidonia | Fort Bragg, NC | September 06, 2011

What a great plot twist! Jeff's surprise at the galley switch and Roland's quick offer make for a breathless cliffhanger. Jeff must have scarfed his doughnut between frame one and frame three.

Mara | Montclair, NJ | September 06, 2011

Ooh, I like where this storyline is going...

Pete | Mohnton, PA | September 05, 2011

Jeff is the part of our society that wouldn't recognize real work if they stepped on it and it got stuck between their toes. The red, white and blue Becca is that easy street paved with gold, the kiss-and-tell intellectual property that can springboard a slacker to a Letterman gig and a Newsweek cover.

Bruce Strickland | Mountainair, NM | September 04, 2011

In reading today's strip I thought the Governor was Rick Perry until the last panel. "Palling around" should have tipped me off.

David B. | Urbana, ILLINOIS | September 04, 2011

In today's strip, B.D. prepares what seems to be Jiffy Pop popcorn -- on the stove-top! It's wonderfully old-school, which I assume is the point: it illustrates his conservative reluctance to give up on the tried-and-true ideals he holds dear. Nice touch, GBT.

Bernard | Washington, D.C. | September 04, 2011

B.D. hit the nail right on the thumb in the last panel of today's strip. Whether we like it or not, any female presidential candidate will be judged at least partly on her looks. Nothing new there; presidents are always judged partly on looks. Kennedy defeated Nixon because he looked better on TV, comments about Obama's youthful good looks were common during the last campaign, Warren G. Harding (probably the worst president we ever had) was elected because he looked presidential. Probably the last president elected in spite of his looks was Abraham Lincoln.

Mrs. Grimble | SCOTLAND | September 02, 2011

"You stay in character? Love it!" Becca is now officially my heroine. G'mon, GBT, tell us where she shops -- I want to wear killer bracelets like hers!

Jonathan Hale | Belchertown, MA | September 02, 2011

What are the odds Jeff admits his talent for writing is inherited from Rick?

Dan Keith | Lowell, IN | September 02, 2011

Wow, people like Duke really exist.

John Hughes | Makawao, HAWAII | September 01, 2011

As I look at the over-imaginative Jeff Redfern sitting across the desk from Becca in her red, white and blue hair and clothing with the gold bangles, I can't help but feel that they're both very symbolic of something. I just can't quite place what it is...