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    Donald W. Nicol | Eureka, CA | June 29, 2011

    Learning to weld in high school shop was the only part of education that earned me a nickel. But college made me the sophisticated gentleman I am today. And 18 years after high school, a BA gave me a career; nothing to do with welding.


    Kathleen DeWitt | Calgary, CANADA | June 29, 2011

    Congresswoman Lacey Davenport has been appearing on the FLASHBACKS page recently -- in the 25 Years Ago storyline. I must say how very much I miss her. She was a wonderful character, and there has been no one to take her role.


    Bruce | CONNECTICUT | June 29, 2011

    Re. WHY GO TO COLLEGE? The problem is that when I went to an Ivy League school, they didn't have any classes in critical thinking or logical analysis. I did take a very good English class that focused on composing essays. But as for the rest of it, it's something that you're simply expected to absorb via osmosis as you go through school. If these are the true things we go to school, then perhaps the curriculum should be redesigned to focus on them more directly.

  • WHY?

    John Keefer | Santa Monica, CA | June 28, 2011

    Why go to college instead of Googling? Why learn to play an instrument when you can play a CD -- so you can actually participate in life!


    Bill Tetzeli | New York, NY | June 26, 2011

    "Thou shalt make no machine in the likeness of the mind of man." Dune, by Frank Herbert. Now, more than ever.

  • WHY?

    H. E. | New York, NY | June 26, 2011

    "Why go to college?" Just Google "What does it mean to be a student."


    Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | June 26, 2011

    Why go to college? To learn to think critically, to analyze and to compose logical arguments and to write a cohesive essay. Facts (all the facts) are necessary as evidence and to falsify hypotheses. Multiple choice exams have difficulty testing these, although written answers on tests can test these. There are ways around the problem of stealing term papers from the web. Inability to write well is due to the public schools, but these are grossly underfunded and overchallenged.



    Jim | Apache Junction, AZ | June 24, 2011

    Re: DOWNSIDES. Suffered enough? Methinks not. To be such a knucklehead the only limit to his suffering is when the next knucklehead gets caught. It probably will just be another couple weeks.


    Arby | Reston, VA | June 22, 2011

    Re. the Chester strip on Sunday: "I quit my job, sold my house, gave away my stuff..." Jesus asked his followers to do the same thing.


    Andrew F. | Chatham, UK | June 22, 2011

    Today's strip is a keeper! Tammy's face in panel three is comedy gold.


    M.B.J. | Denver, CO | June 22, 2011

    Wow, Roland, my man, ease up on the sexual harassment. I would be willing to bet that just discussing your underwear is now listed on the no text policy, along with the strict "no genitalia discussion with a coworker policy" detailed in the employee manual. I know it's disappointing. You have your fan base, but if you are sued into brand-ruining infamy, people just won't understand your intent.


    Kathleen Williams | North Egremont, MA | June 22, 2011

    I applaud almost all of your story lines, but I think the Congressman has suffered enough without your prolonging the agony about online photos. We all have our downsides.


    Larry S. | Delaware, OH | June 21, 2011

    The latest round of rapture mania has become the perfect setup, turning Zonk's cliched one liner into the perfect punchline for the whole sorry episode. Brilliant!


    Jack Cerf | Chatham, NJ | June 21, 2011

    IRREPARABLE HARM offers a paraphrase. Here's what Adams wrote: "I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, natural history and naval architecture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, tapestry, and porcelain." That's the natural progression of elite families and wealthy societies. Unfortunately for the sophisticated grandkids, there's always some other individual or society just starting out at the "war and politics" phase, or its economic equivalent.


    Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Victoria, AUSTRALIA | June 20, 2011

    Chester's experience in Sunday's strip echoes a major event in 19th Century religious history. In upstate New York, a popular preacher named William Miller predicted the Second Coming would happen in 1844. His followers (in many places in North America) sold their homes, farms, and possessions and waited for the event. When it didn't happen, some went off to other sects while others stayed by Miller, assuming he just had his math wrong. Church historians have called the aftermath of Miller's prediction "the Great Disappointment."


    James Garner | North Little Rock, AR | June 20, 2011

    Re: BOTH WAYS. The suicide rate among veterans speaks to the irreparable harm being done to our servicemembers, our children. I offer another quote on war and chiildren: "Let us study debate and detente, so our children may study industry and agriculture, so our children's children may study music and the arts." To me the most scary part of our current war is that we are at war with a 'nation' that seems to teach their children, "Our anger, our revenge and our wars are for generations."


    Al | Eastham, MA | June 20, 2011

    I wonder what would happen if Melissa had Ray for a first sergeant. The possibilities are endless and mostly good.


    Bill Purkayastha | Shillong, INDIA | June 20, 2011

    If Chester was so sure he was going to be Raptured, I wonder why he sold his house. It's not as though he'd actually have been able to "do" anything with the money in Heaven...


    Freewheelin Franklin | Freedom, CA | June 19, 2011

    Chester! Some folks would consider having quit your job, given away all your stuff, and having to live in your car (a Mercedes no less), as actually having been raptured up to heaven.


    Eileen | Salt Lake City, UT | June 19, 2011

    I thought the rerun of Leo's even speech to gunslingers in coffee shops was a warning that you were resting up after the masterpieces you've been putting out, and preparation for bringing back the bad days of Melissa. I wish you had chosen something else to rerun, because Melissa has gone beyond her ugly experience, and is now more concerned with other people's pain, since hers is well on the way to becoming just a nasty memory. She's wobbly, maybe, but back in the human race.