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    Ed Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 22, 2017

    It isn't just Walt Kelly's poem The Prince of Pompadoodle that is spot on for Trump, the Koch brothers, and many others, but the book that contains it: The Jack Acid Society Black Book, by Pogo (as told to Walt Kelly). It parodies the John Birch Society's Blue Book and its annual White Book. A while back I wrote about it here.

  • POGO

    Fred Jessett | Bellevue, WA | March 21, 2017

    I'm glad to hear Pogo quoted once again. I wish Walt Kelly was still here. I wonder what swamp critter he would have chosen to represent Trump... I'm thankful we have Doonesbury to help us stay sane.


    Matthew Wood | Spokane, WA | March 21, 2017

    I'm also thinking a lot about Walt Kelly these days. For me, it's his paranoid Prince of Pompadoodle that leaps to mind.


    Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | March 21, 2017

    I am grateful for the BLOWBACK post about Walt Kelly, which inspired me to go and discover that reprints of practically all of his books are finally available! Where to start?


    Shooshi Roberts | Dallas, TX | March 21, 2017

    I am actually laughing out loud. That was hilarious! I'm talking about Trff: "I'd throw him out of an airplane, sir." Oh man, who knew that Trff would rise again? It just goes to show that the swamp is alive with monsters you thought were long gone. I'm reminded of a little verse by Walt Kelly, on the frontispiece of The Pogo Stepmother Goose from the 1950s, accompanied by those ink drawings of monstrous shadows as only Kelly could do:

    The gentle journey jars to stop.
    The drifting dream is done.
    The long gone goblins loom ahead;
    The deadly, that we thought were dead,
    Stand waiting, every one.

    Some things just stick with you. Oh, throw him out of an airplane, indeed!

  • TRFF

    Mike Willson | Vineland, NJ | March 20, 2017

    Ah yes, Deputy Director Trff, the only character better suited for the position than Uncle Duke. It's as if the job description was written just for him.


    Snow Man | Red Mt. Town, CO | March 19, 2017

    The Classic strips give us an interesting look back. Everyone is fallible. But, as we know, Mike moved on more successfully. One hopes that the product of this couple will not end up like J.J.


    Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | March 19, 2017

    Perhaps some immigrants are useful after all? (I had never noticed that Duke's sunglasses were effectively one-way mirrors -- spook specs.)


    Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | March 19, 2017

    Perhaps some immigrants are useful after all? (I had never noticed that Duke's sunglasses were effectively one-way mirrors -- spook specs.)


    E. Man | London, UK | March 18, 2017

      When it comes to fake news, Zonker was about 45 years ahead of his time.


    John Brennand | Maple Ridge, CANADA | March 18, 2017

    I can't be absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure I heard something in the strip posted on Thursday. Faintly, in the background, Mike's voice was saying, "I did not have sexual relations with Nicole."


    J.N. | Washington, ME | March 18, 2017

    I've evidently missed some of the episodes of this comic... I thought Alex's mom J.J. was the self-centered one, but realize my assumption was unfair. (For starters, her mom Joanie abandoned her when she was a kid.) Now Mike is seeming like the less mature of this couple. I'm not real impressed with Nicole either. It's nice that everyone is being honest, but it's all "me first, my feelings; you are responsible for your own." The onset of the trump era! Or possibly a preamble.


    Tom Hatch | Centennial, CO | March 14, 2017

    Mike, as your attorney I advise you to shut up...


    Brian Walker | Fremantle, WA | March 13, 2017

    I have so missed that ragged helmet! You brought a smile to my face, coupled with the awful and unexpected prospect of seeing the helmet move up a place.


    Wanda Schmidt | Prospect, KY | March 12, 2017

    Today's strip: A great comment on the sea of repercussions awaiting Donald Trump and his band of Republicans hell-bent on destroying all that Obama did for our country!


    Q. | Takoma Park, MD | March 12, 2017

    It is only perfect that Trump has a photograph of himself on his desk. Good one.


    Paul Parsons | Montpelier, VT | March 09, 2017

    I know a guy who did just what Mike describes in today's strip -- when he found his wife was with child, he reregistered as a Republican, started drinking scotch, and bought a "really cool" minivan.

  • ALEX

    Shooshie Roberts | Dallas, TX | March 08, 2017

    So cool! Today's Classic strip, which originally ran on May 4, 1988, was our first awareness of Alex! Alex is a little younger than my daughter, it turns out. My daughter was about 2 months old at that time. They were both kicking the collective butts of the boys at all the computer games like Doom, Quake, and others at the same age. And they were both shopping for colleges at the same time, so Alex must have skipped a grade somewhere.

    When we were shopping for colleges, it was spooky. Alex was sending off her applications exactly at the same time we were, and she heard back literally on the same day we did. My daughter, like Alex, got accepted to a lot of colleges, some of whom were quite aggressive about having her. She settled on Alex's maker's alma mater: Yale University. Even though Alex went to MIT, there was an ongoing similarity to their lives. I once wrote Blowback asking where the hidden camera was, (jokingly) certain that GBT had been spying on us for the Alex strips. They've gone different directions now, but it was fun raising my daughter while Mike and JJ were raising Alex. To think that it all started with this strip!


    Melinda W. Capozza | Augusta, GA | March 07, 2017

    For those of us who have been in long-term relationships, legally married or otherwise, yesterday's Classic strip definitely provides an LOL moment. Thank you, GBT.

  • WOW

    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 05, 2017

    Oh, wow. I didn't realize that Roland has a real-world Twitter account, @realRBHJr, until just now. I particularly liked the one about the Chinese hoax that is causing cherry blossoms to come out three weeks early in the DC area (due in actual fact to warmer climate).