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Marcia Martin | Longmont, CO | August 31, 2016

It was apparent from frame one ("Jeb") that Sunday's strip was Mike's summer daydream, but one thing puzzles me. He and I are contemporaries, I think, and when I investigated Canadian residency late in the primary season, it became apparent that Canada's immigration rules for the over-sixty crowd involve bringing in more wealth than I can muster. Perhaps Mike has been more successful than I thought, or perhaps Kim being younger is a factor. In any case, I hope they aren't raising false hopes!

Jan | Vancouver, CANADA | August 31, 2016

Mike and Kim are too late. Just last month our government slapped a 15% sales tax on foreign nationals buying property in Vancouver. They will be bycatch in the fight against the distortions in our property market caused by the massive amount of money fleeing Asia.

Barbara Kelly | Tucson, AZ | August 31, 2016

While I'm adding your Trump opus to my shelves of Doonesbury books, I have to tell you how much I miss the daily strip. During your Monday appearance on the Diane Rehm Show you were surprised that a caller remembered Phred; many of us remember the entire "family." I get why you don't do the daily strip these days, but your take on our world is sorely needed. Thanks for everything.

Rich Tremblay | Napanoch, NY | August 31, 2016

Mike and Kim should definitely get a three-bedroom. I'm too old to sleep on the couch...

Shelley Mikkelson | Meota, CANADA | August 31, 2016

Hey the rest of Canada is not so scarily priced. Tell Mike and Kim about Calgary or Toronto if they want a large city center. We even have people who would love to work with them.

James Garner | North Little Rock, AR | August 31, 2016

No one is "running me out" of my country, not Trump or Clinton. I was born and raised here and I will fight/work to keep the American values I was taught.

Anne Johnson | Burnaby, CANADA | August 29, 2016

To see what the Vancouver market is like, Mike and Kim should listen to this.

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | August 28, 2016

More Trump refugees? I hope Kim's checked out current housing costs here in Vancouver, or she might be in for a shock. I'm so far only fielding one American marriage proposal in the event that Trump wins...

John Cotton | Livermore, CA | August 25, 2016

I wonder if with Joanie's and Rick's offspring Jeff it turned out to be more nurture or nature?

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | August 24, 2016

I don't remember when the impending breakup is going to happen, but it was good to see Mike get some ego stroking from his missus (he's too "bitchin'" to let her friends come around) as the Village Voice's "handsome stranger."

Bruce Bendix | Saginaw, MI | August 19, 2016

I taught Mythology for 12 years, and wish I'd had today's video "The Hero's Journey" then; explained it better than I did!

Niamh ("Neve") | Seattle, WA | August 19, 2016

As a big fan of the late Joseph Campbell and his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces, I loved today's video! I'm pretty sure Mr. Campbell would have enjoyed it to. And "Iskander" is a great name for a Hero.

Fiona | Abergele, WALES | August 19, 2016

"Just a stage," huh? I don't think Jeff ever grew out of it.

Roger Webb | Little Rock, AK | August 18, 2016

I've given away my first two copies of Yuge! -- one to the rector of my church, and I'm hoping to hear blowback in a sermon. When I went to Amazon to order more, I saw they are temporarily out. I take that as a good thing. Let's hope Yuge! is no longer topical by Christmas. I do not want to be giving them as stocking stuffers.

Mike | New York, NY | August 16, 2016

Thanks for bringing Elmont back on Sunday. That was elegantly done. I'd like for you to know that I'm a 58-year-old dyslexic guy, now running a 501c3 dyslexia remediation program for elementary school kids in Brooklyn. Back in 1974, you were the first writer that showed me that I could get pleasure from reading. I haven't missed a strip in all these years. If not for you, I doubt I'd be doing this, and I doubt these kids would be learning to read. See? You've left footprints in places you didn't know you'd been to.

Reed Scherer | Elburn, IL | August 15, 2016

GBT has done it again -- political satire forecasting real life! Paul Manafort is Uncle Duke, advisor to Berzerkistan's ousted strongman Trff Bmzklfrpz! Brilliant yet scary.

Bob Zeschin | Los Angeles, CA | August 13, 2016

GBT gives a rare interview on Democracy Now to discuss Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump. (A transcript is thoughtfully provided on the site as well.)  Rather to my surprise, the interviewer never mentions The Hair, but GBT brings it up himself in the closing minutes of the half hour, and his description is the best one yet!

Catherine Paciotti | Omaha, NB | August 12, 2016

I just finished Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump. What a great compendium of years of this megalomaniacal narcissistic man-baby. The hair! I got the ebook version, so I can't show it to friends, but I'll be recommending it. I'm going to look for the remaining strips now. Thanks for the memories.

Tony Phillips | Chicago, IL | August 11, 2016

As a life-long birdwatcher I love the birds, but not so much the obsessively solipsistic birder culture that GBT so hilariously skewered. It's not silly, WASPy old men wandering the fields in bow ties and tweeds any more. Now it's perky, tech-laden, L.L. Bean-clad creatures of all ages, genders, races, creeds, who rush around terrorizing what birds that are still out there.

The Duty Officer | | July 29, 2016

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