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    M. Harris | Lascassas, TN | July 25, 2016

    Sunday's strip was sadly perfect. Sadder still is the likelihood that it can be run again next weekend. To quote Steely Dan in Dirty Work, "I foresee terrible trouble."


    Karen | Layton, UT | July 24, 2016

    Bravo, GBT -- today's strip summed up the past week all too well. (The horror! The horror!) It shows true artistic genius to say so much with so little. Even Roland Hedley was speechless.


    Chris Langton | Sausalito, CA | July 24, 2016

    Re MANUEVER: Perhaps, rather than "prepackaged, pathetically palpable, prejudice" today's strip was a prediction by someone who has seen this movie before and knows how it ends.

  • WAIT

    Arthur O'Donnell | San Francisco, CA | July 24, 2016

    Wait, I thought today's strip was about the Golden State Warriors losing the NBA championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers...


    Patricia Tomnay | Palm Coast, FL | July 24, 2016

    Thanks for today's Doonesbury strip. It's exactly how I felt at the end of his speech -- amazed at the insanity of the crowds, disgusted with Trump, and, quite frankly, frightenend.


    Jan | Vancouver, CANADA | July 24, 2016

    Although I share the astonishment of your characters towards the nomination of Trump, I don't agree with the "Nazi salute" in the first frame.


    Anthony | Old Saybrook, CT | July 24, 2016

    I had the same thought after listening to Donald Trump on Thursday night; I will never be able to get that hour and half back. I also felt the need to take a shower, but that could have just been the summer heat.


    Lisa | Brooklyn, NY | July 24, 2016

    It's surprising to see that some people don't think the strip should have political content, and are threatening to cancel their newspaper subscriptions because it does. Do they know how many people have said that over the past 40 years? I've been reading the strip since around 1972, when I was twelve, and I read it for its political content!


    Rom | New Britain, CT | July 24, 2016

    Nuff said! Today's strip aptly left your characters (like anyone with more than half of a functioning cerebrum) without words. Even many conservatives fear for the future of the GOP. It reminds me of reading about the reactions of thoughtful Italians to Mussolini, or thoughtful Germans to Hitler; speechless.


    T.J. Martin | Denver, CO | July 24, 2016

    "What'd I think?" That the most ironic moment of the whole mess was the second-worst pathological delusional in the RNC, Sen. Ted Cruz, being the only one to take a stand against Trump, with the rest booing and criticizing him while marching in lockstep behind The Donald like so many lemmings to the cliffside.


    Judy | Dandridge, TN | July 24, 2016

    I am glad you got it right this time. Your characters are shocked that the RNC went so well, and they are and should be very, very afraid that the people are so very tired of crooked politics as usual, and will change this country and make it great again.


    Anne and Alan Sica | State College, PA | July 24, 2016

    You remain after these many decades the Voice of Reason for a certain generation. We look forward to your Sunday strip every week, and count on your exquisite good sense and wise humor. If we're lucky, your strip will last as long as we do.


    Trum Pet | San Juan, PR | July 24, 2016

    Unless the old-media newspaper-deadline rules have changed, GBT had to have submitted today's Sunday strip well in advance of the end of the GOP National Convention -- and possibly, indeed, even prior to its start. Thus, GBT perhaps merits plaudits for cleverly finding a way to smear The Donald before having experienced a single moment of the “atrocity” he attacks. A futile few of us, however, might wax so bold as to denounce such a maneuver as pre-packaged, pathetically palpable, prejudice.

    Editor's Note:

     Due to the process involved in producing and distributing color comics sections nationwide, Sunday strips must be submitted six weeks ahead of publication.


    Mary Asicit | Long Creek, SC | July 24, 2016

    Prescient, indeed. Nailed it!


    Francie Bruce | Hyattsville, MD | July 24, 2016

    Thank you for today's strip. I've been reading you since you and I were college students, and your astute observations and humor have often made me feel good in particularly dark periods. Today's post-Cleveland strip captures well my own reaction to the horrors of the past week. Unfortunately, having been forced to come to terms with the hatred and vitriol in that convention hall, I'm never going to be able to unsee the behavior of what I still hope is a tiny minority of my fellow citizens. Nonetheless, having you as an observer and voice provides me a little lift and hope for the future.


    Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | July 24, 2016

    It's good to see that Fox News reporter Roland has finally been shocked (eyes wide open) at what the Fox-led media have done. Have his eyes been opened because Roger Ailes, the head beast-man at Fox, has this week resigned and lost his power over minds? Is this just a moment of clearsight before Murdoch flies in from his holiday, negotiates with The Donald, and re-instates the Fox-style blindness to reality? Will Roland have to be terminated, or sent to Australia for re-training, to clean his mind of disbelief? The "eyes-wide-open" look has a history in Doonesbury -- of children before they become adult -- but I think/hope this might be a new stage/form of something else.


    James Mitchell | Everett, WA | July 24, 2016

    I'm writing today from a large city in southern China, where a GBT would by jailed. I love the wide-eyed response to the RNC coronation. The same cartoon could fit this place, but rather than astonishment, the faces would express the numbing hypnotic effect of Chinese television's endless repetition of pablum and propaganda.


    Amok Fell | East Aurora, NY | July 23, 2016

    In the midst of all the negativity a shining example of fun: the Today's Video offerings have been terrific this week. Thank you especially for today's goosebump-inducing performance of "Get What You Deserve" by the Tedeschi-Trucks Band, featuring the fabulous Mike Mattison and, as always, Derek's awesome guitar work.


    Ed Buell | Mission Viejo, CA | July 23, 2016

    Mr. Trudeau, I am sorry but I cannot read or stand your liberal comic strip any more, I am aware that you have the freedom of speech in this wonderful country, but the exaggerations of Trump are appalling. I always thought freedom of speech was supposed to have some truth to it! I have chosen to cancel my subscription to the L.A. Times because of the extreme liberal views that have not been fact-checked. The more people that do this, the more chance that there will be people out of a job. Consider that!


    Randi | Auburn, CA | July 22, 2016

    When we lose the ability to laugh at our politics, we've lost a lot. I'm far from tiring of political jokes when the facts they're based on are constantly replenished every day. If we can't laugh at the outrageous behavior our culture has accommodated -- and even encouraged -- we would indeed be repressed. I look forward to reading GBT and Jack Ohman on a regular basis. Bravo to both of you and all others who use humor to cast enlightening perspective on silly behavior from leaders of the free world who should know better.