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    Nancy Marble | Lexington, SC | April 10, 2016

    I find it interesting that so many would take offense at a strip directed at the man in the tan mask, and his tough talk...Perhaps it hits too close to home for those who find it so objectionable.


    Robert Grayson | Cumming, GA | April 10, 2016

    Today's Doonesbury strip in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution picturing Red Rascal as an executioner representing Donald Trump is not only repulsive but could certainly be classified as slanderous. Not funny at all. It had always been my opinion that Trudeau lived "one the edge" with some of his slanted attempts at humor, but I find this latest product to be out of bounds.


    Sara Jewell | Gaffney, SC | April 10, 2016

    Today's strip was not funny. Not cool, not hip, not liberal. I don't care about your political beliefs, nor who you decide to target as not worthy, but thinking anyone would get a chuckle or snicker over killing people is a sad statement about a pundit.


    T. Post | Daytona Beach, FL | April 10, 2016

    Doonesbury is not funny. This is why I am cancelling my newspaper. Liberal news we don't need! Today's strip was supposed to be funny? You are just another Trump trasher.


    Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | April 10, 2016

    Although the (godawful) Trump said he would "take them out," he has been backtracking on this. So maybe the Red Rascal would take them out for falafel and ice cream. Oh wait a minute, there's also his comment about ignoring the Geneva Convention when you're losing.


    Angie | Nova, VA | April 10, 2016

    Today's strip put the imminent danger of a Donald Trump presidency in horrifying perspective. I nearly gagged on my morning coffee but, please, keep them coming. Someone has to point out just how insane our country has become, and try to pull us back from the brink.


    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | April 10, 2016

    It appears to be time to rename Jeff's alter egomaniac: Red-State Rascal, Panderer to Panderers.


    Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | April 09, 2016

    Lacey Davenport is so marvelous. Had the Republicans ever had the sense to nominate her for the presidency, I would have voted for her in a heartbeat. (Me voting for a Republican president? Will wonders never cease?)


    Paul Dunmore | Paraparaumu, NEW ZEALAND | April 08, 2016

    I wish the Republicans would bring back Lacey Davenport to run for President. A party with so little concern for facts should have no problem running a dead fictional woman for President, and she would raise the tone of the whole contest immeasurably.


    Judy | Roseland, FL | April 08, 2016

    In Thursday's 45-Years-Ago-Today Flashback strip, I love it that Rufus uses the subjunctive verb form correctly: "If the black community were..." Shades of Garrison Keillor and the English majors. It's all the little details that we've loved in Doonesbury for so many years.


    John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | April 06, 2016

    GBT has so far perfectly captured the taciturn Eastwood Film Hero Persona in his campaign to become the elected "Sheriff of Carmel." I'm betting that his word count will not exceed twenty.


    Shooshie Roberts | Dallas, TX | April 05, 2016

    "Putin, obviously." Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Just what this world needs: an axis of narcissistic dictator bullies. We have been warned!


    Michael Daly | Evergreen, CO | April 03, 2016

    Thank you for your continued inspiration and advocacy. As a long time reader and retiring shop teacher who frequently references Doonesbury to my class, I can assure you your strip can do far more than I can to help some of my students recognize a different side of the world. Keep up the great work!

  • ICON

    Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | April 03, 2016

    Re HELPED ME: Now we know what the icon will be for Trump if he wins the election -- a demogoguing toupée! And kudos to Julia for responding so well to the world she lives in.


    Julia Byrne | Silver Spring, MD | April 02, 2016

    I am writing to thank you for Mark Slackmeyer. I'm a 17-year-old lesbian, and Mark has helped me accept myself. It is so rare to see positive portrayals of gay characters in the media. Too often, they are one-dimensional and are killed off or shoved back in the closet. Mark Slackmeyer is the opposite of that. Mark is someone I identify with on a deeply personal level. He and I share much from an ideological perspective. We've both struggled with self-hatred and depression, which we hide behind humor.

    And yet, despite his problems, Mark has succeeded. When I read about his job at NPR, or his life with Chase (I know they've broken up , but their story still gives me hope), I think that I have a future. One where gay people get happy endings and their dream jobs and are accepted by society. I have read Mark's coming out story over and over again. I have every story line with him and Chase bookmarked on my laptop. I cried when they got married. I still can't listen to "I Want It That Way" without tearing up.

    I love your comic strip. I've learned so much about the political world from Doonesbury. It's hilarious and brilliant and it never fails to make me laugh, or think harder about how America got to where it is today, with a demagoguing toupée running for president.

  • 45 YEARS AGO

    Pete | Hillsdale, NJ | March 30, 2016

    "Wow! Heavy! Dig it!" -- today's Flashback strip from 45 years ago -- has always been a favorite. Someone ought to show it to Rashida Jones.


    Mary Asicit | Long Creek, SC | March 29, 2016

    On this Easter Sunday, reading your strip on pols and rising seas, I find myself once again wishing more of us believed in reincarnation. Perhaps if the majority believed they would be the posterity they're leaving the world to, they'd be more inclined to take care of it. Then again, the love of money is the root of all evil, according to a wise man.


    Ilyn Murphy | Providence, RI | March 27, 2016

    Amazing strip again today! I wonder how so many politicians are ready to destroy the Earth for a few campaign contributions, but I don't know the answer because I'm not a psychologist.


    Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | March 26, 2016

    Today's strip on free speech is wonderful. Go get 'em, GBT. To which of the presidential candidates might it apply?


    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | March 25, 2016

    Speaking of bad apples, I hear that there are a couple in North Korea these days as well. And they are so proud of their apples. When my Peace Corps group arrived in South Korea in 1967, the press in the North denounced us all as CIA agents. In 1968 the NK government sent a team to assassinate South Korean President Park Chung Hee, but only succeeded in killing a few people on a bus, including a school janitor, a friend of a friend of mine.