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John Bevan | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | November 18, 2015

I can't recall that the great artists of the past needed to append long, tedious, usually pointless explanations of their work. Even worse are those who need to cover their art with words! If it isn't clear what the work is about then there's no point in waffling on.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | November 18, 2015

GBT has latched onto a seemingly essential aspect of Modern Art -- the need to explain it. Such a contrast with "pre-modern" art. Michaelangelo's David and a Rembrandt portrait need no explanation at all.

Lala Palooza | USA | November 17, 2015

I love doonesbury so much! I have been reading it since it began. It's like home to me. Thank you so much; i really mean that. You have saved me many times. Great website, too.

A. Nonymous | Not-NYC, USA | November 15, 2015

I'm afraid that the dating scene in NYC has not improved in the last 30 years. See, for instance, the work of NYC resident and artist, Ms. Connie Sun: here, here, and here.

John Brennand | Langley, CANADA | November 11, 2015

The video you have posted on your site today acknowledges what on your side of the 49th parallel is called Veterans Day, and which we call Remembrance Day. All over both of our countries politicians and dignitaries will stand before crowds to tell us how proud we are of those who put their lives on the line. We all bow our heads, observe two minutes of silence, then get on with our busy lives. Prior to World War I, veterans were simply ignored once their usefulness had ended. We then recognized that the sacrifices, whether in physical or mental injury, must be paid for in financial and medical supports. Somehow that commitment has been forgotten. This year, let's hope that words become actions and all our veterans are treated to the dignity and respect they have earned, with "blood, tears, and sweat."

C. Ruta | Napanee, CANADA | November 11, 2015

In light of Monday's SayWhat? quote from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, explaining why his newly-formed cabinet is 50% female: "Because it's 2015," I felt a flutter of recognition when I read today's 40-years-ago Flashback strip. From Trudeau to Trudeau, four decades.

Chris | St. Augustine, FL | November 10, 2015

Re: MENTAL PROCESSES. We recently had the pleasure of seeing Eric Idle and John Cleese (together again for the very first time) and they discussed the beginnings of Monty Python. They said that finding the perfect punchline took as much time as writing the rest of the skit -- which is why they dispensed with it and simply had "the Colonel" or a giant foot or "Now for something completely different." It is hard work, and GBT excels at it.

Craig Baumberger | Greenville, IL | November 09, 2015

Thank you for today's video. An extraordinary gift of harmony so early in the morning.

Shooshie | Dallas, TX | November 09, 2015

In today's Classic strip Marcia says "Mr. Right would dress me with his eyes." One wonders what mental processes lead to such amazing punch lines, day after day, week after week, for forty-five years. That's a mighty deep well, Mr. Trudeau. And one that I greatly appreciate. These comics have been touchstones for my sanity for, well, 45 years of my life!

Andrew Laine | Cape Cod, MA | November 08, 2015

Thanks for putting Exxon front and center of Climategate. I hope this thread continues until Sun and Wind prevail!

A.M. | USA | November 06, 2015

At age 66, I'm wondering if I was inspired by the Singularity Ceremony strips to live the life I have lived. In October of 1984, I left a marriage of nine years that wasn't meant to continue and have been joyfully single ever since. However, in an alternative life, I would have married Toggle and had twins. Thank you so much for Toggle, Alex, and the twins! I love the video archives and watch them daily, along with reading the strips.

Thomas Shoesmith | New York, NY | November 05, 2015

I've just seen the first Sunday strip (3/21/71), Mike describing B.D.'s feeling that he's buffeted by the winds of change, with everything he loves seemingly threatened, and I realized that it would be just as topical today; B.D. would be a Tea Partier!

Jamie Kennedy | Greenwich, AUSTRALIA | November 04, 2015

I noticed that on 11-1-15 there was no 45-years-ago-today strip on the Flashback page, and that in 1970 that date was a Sunday. I assume the two facts are related? When did the Sunday strip commence, and was it an eight-panel extravanganza from the get-go?

Editor's Note:

 Note: Well observed. Although the dailies launched on 10-26-70, the first Sunday Doonesbury did not show up until almost five months later. It was in fact a nine-panel extravaganza, as you'll see here. (The resolution on the early Sundays leaves something to be desired. Upgrading these is on our To Do list, and we regret that squinting may be required until that task is accomplished. To those who have taken the time to write about this issue, thank you!)

Patti | Raleigh, NC | November 04, 2015

I have loved this strip ever since it began, and used it to bolster my political arguments many times. Thank you.

Becky Sheppard | Fort Worth, TX | November 03, 2015

Ever since the Classics series began running last year I have really enjoyed going back in time with the strip, getting to know much-loved characters' backgrounds. Sadly, I didn't start reading Doonesbury when it first began.

Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | November 02, 2015

I've been reading the comments, mostly laudatory, on the 45 years of the strip, and I'm getting a bit testy that you're being compared to Mark Twain and/or Mike Royko. Garry, you're absolutely yourself. (Although I suspect Twain might have liked you a lot.) Keep on truckin'.

Joshua Eliason | Givat Ada, ISRAEL | November 02, 2015

Re yesterday's strip I didn't google "Kasich," but I did google "the fourth wall." Glad to see you haven't lost your inventive freshness. You still provoke me to research your gags. Okay, I admit it, I did google Kasich. But the fourth wall was more interesting.

Chris Levine | Clearwater, FL | November 02, 2015

I remember reading Doonesbury in the Daily Campus while a student at UConn in the early 70s. It resonated with many of us Baby Boomers back then, as it still does today. That was a time when the annual Yale/UConn football game was a big deal for in-state bragging rights; so when you did a shout-out to this tradition about 15 years ago I framed those cartoons. I will always be a fan!

Ian Orchard | Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND | November 02, 2015

Oh, thank heaven, Garry. When they run older comic strips often it's because the cartoonist has died and I didn't hear about it.  I just got your Anniversary Email and am delighted to hear you are both well and fit to go. Keep up the great work!

Tim | Long Beach, CA | November 02, 2015

I love the "Larry King look" in the header of your letter. Over the years you've offered up so many insightful "comics." Thank you. I'm so very happy that you've been an influence on the thoughts and politics of our times. I wish you continued health and success.