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    Peter | Halifax, CANADA | October 26, 2015

    Happy anniversary!


    Tom French | Washington, D.C. | October 26, 2015

    Look at that. There's that first strip. Forty-five years ago today. What an important part of American culture -- and more, my life! I've been here reading Doonesbury for over forty years...


    Zonker Harris | Fremont, CA | October 26, 2015

    I started reading Doonesbury and Herb Caen about the same time, and I even took a job delivering the SF Chronicle so I could be one of the first on the West Coast to read them both before starting morning classes in high school. It's been an amazing ride, all these years, and I wanted to thank you for being a favorite part of it. Best regards.


    Theresa D. Bergen | Nyack, NY | October 26, 2015

    During the Equal Rights Amendment Campaign your scripts were like manna from heaven to those of us who had left our jobs and families to work in unratified states. Thank you for all the laughter.


    J. Hall | Bewpirt, KY | October 26, 2015

    Mr. Trudeau, Congrats on 45 years of political education, art, humor, and speaking truth to power. Doonesbury has been an important part of my life, and I thank you for it.


    Breeze | Madison, NJ | October 26, 2015

    Thank you for sharing all of your gifts.


    Paul Logas | Silver Springs, FL | October 26, 2015

    While I've missed new material, I've loved the refresher on all those great strips of my youthful past. An avid reader from day one, I look forward to you going back to being the Jon Stewart of comics. Thanks for all these great years, and here's to many more. (Btw, thanks for not saying your were done!)


    Peter Rizzo | USA | October 26, 2015

    I remember my father getting the first Doonesbury anthology many years ago when I was about 12. I read it cover to cover several times. I asked my dad about substituting the word "subsidy" in "My country tis of thee" in a strip where Mike asks a farmer what he is growing; acres and acres of weeds. Once I understood it, I felt that illustrated satire was one of the most powerful things ever. Not soon after that I met your father. I spent the entire time, accompanying a guest of someone else, reading strips in your library. I was touched by your insight and then depth of character during a discussion (at the ripe old age of 14) that I had with your father about what it was like to have a son who was a cartoonist, who followed his dream regardless of the societal pressures placed. He showed me a strip you did for him; Mike standing on the edge of a bluff, wondering about living life when not feeling supported. Yep, a seminal moment in my life. Well done, sir. Congratulations on having done a job so well you had a profound impact on a boy who now writes letters to politicians on occasion, and feels change can be identified, as well as implemented. Thank you.


    Nick Stow | Ottawa, CANADA | October 26, 2015

    Congratulations on 45 years. I count the characters of Doonesbury among the friends with whom I've grown up. Thanks for capturing so many of our thoughts, fears, angst, and lives.


    Shirley Chapian | Pahrump, NV | October 26, 2015

    Haven't met a strip of yours that I didn't like. I have a lot of the books, and re-read them from time to time. Hope you keep it up for many more years!


    Susan Whiteaker | Ava, MO | October 26, 2015

    Thank you for speaking truth to the ridiculous world we  live in -- for all these years! It makes life better to have someone who thinks like you around every day.  I've been reading your strip since it started.


    Dana van der Merwe | Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA | October 26, 2015

    Thanks for the unique, but accurate, perspective you have been providing with regard to this strange habitat we are inhabiting. Your characters are not only well-drawn but have real personality.

  • BRAVO!

    Tom Kueny | Venice, FL | October 26, 2015

    Forty-five years! I don't think I missed a day. Thanks you for your artistry, you are truly a genius. I love Alpha House too. Bravo! Bravo!


    Linda Welling | Victoria, CANADA | October 26, 2015

    Forty-five years?! I became hooked on the strip when Joanie appeared. Still here. Thanks.

  • 45

    Guy Geerts | Leuven, BELGIUM | October 26, 2015

    Just want to say thanks. Here's to 45 years. Cheers!


    Birgitte Thomsen | Arhus, DENMARK | October 26, 2015

    I love, love, love Doonesbury and have done so for more than 40 years. Our Danish newspaper, Information, has brought the strip since the very start and I have read the newspaper and Doonesbury with the greatest of joy every single day since 1973. Thank you so much. My life wouldn't have been the same without it, and that is the truth.


    Roberta Decker | Fremont, CA | October 26, 2015

    Thank you for Doonesbury. It has been the highlight of many of my days...


    Andrew | Austin, TX | October 26, 2015

    I don't know how you contain your anger and focus it through the strip. I'm still angry that the Austin American-Statesman took Doonsebury off the daily comics page (they publish it elsewhere) due to it being too controversially political, and that was about 30 years ago.  I thank you for all the times you've put my heart(and mind-)felt opinions into your strip. I thank you for all the yucks, too.


    G. | Healdsburg, CA | October 26, 2015

    Thank you for your service!


    John Brockhaus | Washingtonville, NY | October 26, 2015

    Given all the enjoyment that you have brought to the followers of your strip over the years, I think I can speak for many of us when I say take as many well deserved sabbaticals as you feel you need. The historic Classic strips are still outstanding!