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    Big Guy | Forest Hills, NY | July 31, 2015

    Between 2000 and 2010, out of more than a billion votes cast in federal, state, and local elections, ten people were convicted of in-person voting fraud at the polls. If this trend continues, that means that in the 2016 election three people may commit in-person voting fraud. Republicans so care for our country that they want to inconvenience 30,000,000+ people and send away 3,000,000+ potential voters from the polls to prevent those three people from committing voting fraud. They say we should all be grateful because the Republican Party cares so much for all of us.


    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | July 31, 2015

    Ah, Duke continues that fine old American tradition of kicking Haiti when it is down, begun when Thomas Jefferson went in with France on the embargo and crippling reparations that turned the Jewel of the Caribbean into a complete ecological disaster. Just because they had the first and indeed only successful slave rebellion, at the cost of half the population. No matter how much you think you know about the Haitian disaster, it turns out to be worse.


    Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | July 29, 2015

    Re: JIM CROW AND THE GOP. Doonesbury has nothing to apologize for. Anyone actually interested in the issue can find the number of cases of voter fraud could be counted on two hands with a few missing fingers. Simply reaching offices that issue a driver's license can be arduous without a car in the U.S. (where I lived for nine years). The relevant policies of course disadvantage the poor, who are likely to vote Democrat. Keep up the fine work. Good for you for publishing your critics.


    Janet Massa | Summerville, SC | July 29, 2015

    Sunday's strip about Jim Crow and the GOP was vile and revolting. As a Conservative Republican I take great offense at the inference that I am a racist. Voter ID laws are not to keep people from voting. They are to ensure that the people that step up to vote are who they say they are. If it is good enough for Mexico it is good enough for the USA. ID is required for many things these days. Requiring it for voting is a good thing. You should publish a retraction for generalizing that all Republicans are racists trying to prevent people from doing their civic duty by voting.


    Randy | Silicon Valley, CA | July 29, 2015

    Is the possibility too far-fetched to wonder if The Donald is actually a double agent working for the Democrats? As a hard core Democrat, I've become a big fan.

    Editor's Note:

     Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo voiced the same theory, calling Trump "A phantom candidate recruited by the Left to create this entire political circus." His supporting evidence: "Trump has a close friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton."


    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | July 29, 2015

    On the Gift Horse: Timeo Illum Donaldum et dona ferentis? (Do I fear The Donald bearing gifts?) I think not. The most recent polling from CNN just this last Sunday shows Bernie crushing Trump in the general, 58-38, and previous polls showed Hillary winning by even more. Unskew that, Republicans.


    McAlvie | Baltimore, MD | July 28, 2015

    I'm enjoying the Doonesbury Classics strips very much! Today we get Zonker, Mike and J.J., back when Mike and J.J. were still together. Poor Mike. Who would have thought B.D. and Boopsie would be the couple who stayed together? But I digress... Am I the only one concerned about who keeps eating the toast !?

  • SAD

    Ian | Frankfurt, GERMANY | July 26, 2015

    The gift horse is actually the entire Republican Party. Trump's current success is just an indication of how weak their candidates are. It's a sad reflection on the Republicans that so many of them actually want a brash businessmen like Trump to get the nod over oddballs like Rick Perry and Rand Paul. Is that all that 50% of American voters get to choose from?


    O. | Calgary, CANADA | July 23, 2015

    The Donald? Imaginary? I don't think so. Not even a genius like Garry could create a story line as rich as Trump is providing in real time. What I wish is Trudeau would end his extended LOA so we could all enjoy his characterization of Trump on a daily basis.

  • WISH

    Elizabeth Davies | Portland, ME | July 23, 2015

    I wish there was a way to turn Donald Trump into an imaginary character like Jimmy Crow and Mr. Butts. Oh... right.


    Melinda Capozza | Huntington, IN | July 20, 2015

    Love the birthing series -- especially the baby's comment in the last one. Birthing is damn hard work, let me tell you.


    T.J. Martin | Denver, CO | July 19, 2015

    Ouch! Todays comic hit the nail smack dab on the head so hard it almost hurt just reading it. But it's an an ouch more people in this country need to start feeling before Jim Crow gains more traction than he already has.


    Matt Koegler | Enterprise, FL | July 19, 2015

    Jimmy Crow is the greatest "Imaginary character" since Mr. Butts. Absolutely fantastic. Boy, a character that good would sure make me want to do story lines with him on a Monday to Sunday basis...


    Grant Hurlburt | Hamilton, CANADA | July 16, 2015

    The "Rummyworld" series from 10 years ago exactly describes what is going on today with ISIS. Can you please re-post those 2005 strips?

    Editor's Note:

      Certainly. Welcome to Rummyworld!


    Jamie Kennedy | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | July 16, 2015

    Cultural history note: Boopsie (while channeling Hunk-Ra) seems to be rocking a Madonna-type cone bra in today's twenty-five-years-ago Flashback strip.


    Ian | Frankfurt, GERMANY | July 13, 2015

    I love the parrot in last week's series. It's a shame he didn't become a regular.


    Dea Natay | San Luis Obisopo, CA | July 12, 2015

    Another Rick who needs help being taken seriously? What're the odds? But about Zipper... Trudeau's "adult eyes" are not necessarily indicative of maturity. Look at Zonk, he's had them since the '80s at least. Check today's 35-years-ago Flashback strip.


    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | July 12, 2015

    Now you've done it. I am stuck envisioning everyone on the Fox debate stage in hipster glasses. And all of the others, too. In addition to the entire cast of Doonesbury, the entire Congressional Tea Party Caucus...when will it end?!?


    Yeti | Silverton, CO | July 12, 2015

    I wonder if Zipper will ever grow up enough to have adult eyes.


    Victor Field | London, ENGLAND | July 12, 2015

    Jeff in glasses provides the answer to the question "What would Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy' look like if he was 150 pounds lighter, about 30 years younger, and had a full head of hair?" So probably not the effect Redfern fils was going for.