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Grant | Hamilton, CANADA | December 16, 2014

Zeke is one of my favourite characters (and so is J.J.). The amoral, lazy, freeloading Zeke with his "hip" rationalizations for his quasi-criminal behaviour is an excellent example of why certain aspects of the idealism of the late 1960s didn't last. And self-involved J. J. is a perfect counterpart for him, taking full advantage of the lame (IMHO) notion that "it's art if I say it's art." Merry Christmas to all!

Osee | Pocatello, ID | December 15, 2014

Gin up an Ebola epidemic on Fox! One story arc launched and five to go.

Maureen Tighe-Brown | OHIO | December 14, 2014

Equating Cheney's 3000 who died on 9/11 with the 3000 gun deaths this year: brilliant!

Bren | Dublin, IRELAND | December 12, 2014

Today's Flashbacks: three throwback parties, two Sunday strips, but no partridge in a pear tree.

Grant | Hamilton, CANADA | December 10, 2014

I have never seen the Alpha House show that keeps Garry from writing Doonesbury on a daily basis. However, you can keep running reruns as far as I am concerned. I enjoy reviewing the past of this strip, which was always current in its day and never seems dated. In fact, once you've caught up to the present I'd be haopy if you start again from the beginning and go one day at a time.

So Alarmed | Oakland, CA | December 10, 2014

Where, where, where are Alex, Toggle, and them adorable twins? All love to Kim, but the last thing this once-a-week strip needs is another baby. Bring back the twins!

Susanne Kernan | Pomona, NY | December 08, 2014

I just happened to watch Mike Nichol's "Charlie Wilson's War" last night. Great movie. Coincidently, the movie includes a clip of Dan Rather, unshaven, in native garb, reporting from the Afghan hinterland in 1980.

Editor's Note:

 The memorable 1980 real-life moment you refer to was an inspirational factor in today's Roland Hedley strip -- and earned Rather the mocking nickname "Gunga Dan."

David Huntington | Katy, TX | December 08, 2014

Wow! Roland Hedley covering those freedom fighters battling the Soviets. Does anyone remember how that turned out?

Mom | Peoria, IL | December 07, 2014

As the 51-year-old mother of a seven month old (yes, really), I can't pretend that at least one of today's proposed story arcs didn't catch my attention.

Allan Levine | Toronot, ON | December 07, 2014

Regarding your story arc announcement today: YAAAAY!!!!

J.C. | Ashland, OR | December 07, 2014

Is, maybe, GT's brain vibrating enough to get him back to the drawing board daily? Got my fingers crossed.

Editor's Note:

 Here at the Doonesbury Town Hall we have received no indication, vibrational or otherwise, that a return to new daily strips has been scheduled. Sorry to disappoint!

Melanie | Jaffrey, NH | December 07, 2014

Six new stories! Does that mean we will get more Doonesbury, now that the second season of "Alpha House" is done? Love both works. Want more of both. Please and thank you!

Chris Parkins | London, ENGLAND | December 07, 2014

Six new story arcs! Hopefully this indicates the forthcoming return of new daily strips? What a great Christmas present from Garry that would be!

Jimmy Chadwick | Salem, MA | December 07, 2014

It never fails that what is obviously meant to be self-satire is lost on at least half the readers. It also could be a mirror on our "24-hour news cycle," obsessed with the "new story" that rarely gets the follow-up it deserves. But in this case, none of these stories are all that new for one thing, and for another, none need to be given a whole lot of attention to continue, drop, or wrap up at any given time. I consider these panels as more along the lines of "Yep, these characters are indeed still alive and doing their thing, wherever and however that may be."

Frank Crandel | Chicago, IL | December 07, 2014

Really!? Six new story arcs on a Sunday... How about six new story arcs when you are on hiatus, with no hope of finishing them? What a waste of my time.

Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | December 07, 2014

Who in their right mind would do six new story lines in one day's strip? He's mad!! This is part of what I love about Doonesbury. But will he be able to keep all six going simultaneously with one panel per week, keeping all the balls in the air at once for six weeks to complete a grand cycle? With a nod to the Beatles: The magical Mr. Kite will perform once a week, don't be late!

Mike | Vineland, NJ | December 07, 2014

Six new arcs? Are you developing Attention Span Deficit, or just not sure where to start with these teasers? This should be interesting.

George | Tequesta, FL | December 06, 2014

In the December 6th Today's Video, does our guide realize that she is actually one of the so-called "missing links," interrupting the natural flow of scientific discovery?

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | December 05, 2014

I coudn't help but notice the one lady amongst Zonker and the gents in the tanning competition, pulling off t-shirts at the opening ceremony. Customary modesty would seem a disadvantage. I almost expected another customary chant ("Skin to win!") but remembered that this was the 1980 Gerald R. Ford Summer Biathlon and not Spring Break in the 90s.

Frederic Pamp | Colorado Springs, CO | December 03, 2014

As an aging, balding, portly Vietnam vet, I've always identified with Sherm, but I must have missed today's 5-Years-Ago strip because I hadn't known that he, like me, was in the artillery. The VA docs told me my hearing loss was probably due to the crack of small arms fire, however, not the big guns. Either way, let's hear it for tube arty and Sherm.