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Ed Gosnell | Columbus, OH | May 16, 2015

Both Jeff and J.J. strike me as being highly underrated. Jeff was certainly in some very dangerous situations in Afghanistan and muddled through somehow; and writing a highly successful novel is certainly a major accomplishment. And in the case of J.J., any artist who can support herself with her work is not to be sneered at. Also, if I remember correctly, she was awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant, albeit with a little help from Mike. Nonetheless, she obviously is not without talent. Both tend to be their own worst enemies; but both have been uncommonly successful in their own way and deserve at least a little respect.

Dane | Pueblo, CO | May 15, 2015

J.J. or Jeff? Considering what they've produced so far, J.J., in spite of herself, gets the prize.

Giles | Sidcup, ENGLAND | May 15, 2015

In today's Doonesbury Classic Joanie's feeling like she can get being a parent right this time. I wonder, on the scale of things, which child is the bigger train wreck, J.J. or Jeff?

Joshua Rey | London, UK | May 12, 2015

It was so good to see Kim as a baby again on the Doonesbury Flashbacks page last week, in the strips from 35 years ago. Who could have guessed then that she would become step-grandmother to the heirs-apparent of the whole franchise? I remember her in her early teens doing too well in school for the comfort of her schoolmates, and getting her parents in trouble for throwing off the curve, and then, years later, going to work for Mike as a coder.

Antonio Velarde | Mexico City, MEXICO | May 11, 2015

Knife, knife, knife, spoon! -- Ah, Jeff is a winter child.

Miguel Halverson-Ramos | Longmont, CO | May 10, 2015

I was born in 1970, and I became a daily reader of Doonesbury with the "Extra-Terrarium" strips. Prior to that I often didn't "get" the humor, or got lost with the number of characters. Seeing Zonker trying to revive "E.T." was a distinct moment for me (I thought it was hilarious!) in which I decided to make a point of reading it daily to keep up with the stories. Since then I've gotten to know and appreciate all the characters more, and more . . . Thank you, GBT!

P.S. In those days my hometown paper The Boulder Daily Camera had Doonesbury on the editorial pages, which also had fairly regular (and sometimes controversial) contributions from Hunter S. Thompson.

Anonymous | London, U.K. | May 07, 2015

The 40-years-ago strip yesterday: how prescient.

Patti H. | Rome, NY | May 06, 2015

OMG. Kim is 40?!  I loved it when GBT brought her back years later as an A+ teenager, and even more when she became the new love of Mike's life.

John Brennand | Langley, CANADA | May 04, 2015

Seeing Zonker talking with his plant homies it suddenly dawned on me: this could be the genesis of the Green Movement!

700,000 DEATHS
Grant | Hamilton, CANADA | May 04, 2015

Your current policy of running Classic strips has encouraged me to also check out the Doonesbury Flashbacks page daily. It is enormously useful to read the strips regarding Vietnam and Cambodia, such as the 5-4-75 Sunday. Seven hundred thousand deaths! I was a Canadian teenager at the time and it meant little to me then. Now, as an adult living in the Middle East, I can perceive the absolute criminality of these horrific and utterly unjustified killings, because I live among people who are disregarded or even demonized in the conservative U.S. news bubble, and can relate this to the SE Asian situation. I dont know to what extent, if any, these events somehow precipitated the Pol Pot nightmare. Again, thank you so much for your unique and marvelously expressed perspective on our world.

James McFaralane | Cape Town, S.A. | May 01, 2015

I notice, in the 30-years-ago-today Flashback strip, that Mike drinks beer in the 'display' style beloved of admen, rather than the the normal, relaxed way of holding a bottle with the fingertips.

L.T. | Paris, FRANCE | April 30, 2015

I too have always loved Honey, with or without Duke. Her naivete, flavored with firm determination, her cluelessness about her current situation, combined with random astute cultural observations, form such an original and amazing hodgepodge.

Ward Horack, Sigma Tau (briefly) | London, UK | April 26, 2015

So The Red Rascal was a Deke. Good on ya, brother!

Floyd | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | April 25, 2015

The Duke and Honey cartoons crack me up. It's crazy but it works.

Al Wood | Charlotte, NC | April 24, 2015

Would you please reprint the strip from almost the very beginning of the strip, when B.D. and Michael discuss their biology papers?  It was so hilarious I remember the last two lines word for word.

Editor's Note:

 We've moved way past 1970 in the unfolding Doonesbury Classic series, but we are happy to provide a link back to that strip. Enjoy.

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | April 23, 2015

I've been butt-puckered for weeks worrying over upcoming spine surgery. I cannot thank you enough for the Willie Nelson video. I'll be laughing all day 'cause you (and Willie & Co) helped chase the nerves away. Thanks!

Kien Lang | Arlington, MA | April 22, 2015

Honey is one way to look at the China/U.S. relationship; possibly how some people think it should be.

Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | April 21, 2015

Even the first time around, I didn't find the Duke-and-Honey cartoons funny or uplifting. (I hold Doonesbury to a high standard!) She's clearly smart. Why does she stay in this abusive relationship with a jerk? It's not because she depends on him economically, the traditional reason; she can and does find rewarding work when she's not following him around.

John Ghalt | Anchorage, AK | April 20, 2015

The Russian public is eating 10% less food ? Not Impressed. If they were drinking 10% less vodka --  then we'd see true gratitude.

Romuald | New Britain, CT | April 20, 2015

Wonderful sharp jibe at Mr. Putin, GBT! However the Blowback comment about Mr. Putin being on the political Left is incorrect. Mr. Putin has nothing to do with the political Left and instead stands in a long line of Russian autocratic thugs, from Ivan the Terrible on through Nicholas II and Stalin. The only plausible Leftist/Communist would be Stalin, but his behavior was no different than that of the Tsars, only more extreme. Communist ideology was only a cloak for him to wear for his true believers. Mr. Putin today makes no efforts to revive Communist ideology. His kleptocracy has no ideology other than some washed-up Russian nationalist drivel. This caters to those in Russia who want to revive a greater Russian empire.