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Roger Webb | Little Rock, AR | November 17, 2014

As a psychologist, I loved Sunday's strip that speaks to the genetic/biological predispositions of political behavior. There's no consistent ideological distinction between liberal and conservative, but there are very consistent personality differences between the people we label that way. Sensitivity to threat seems to be the biggest single factor. The role of the amygdala is not simple, but certainly involved -- e.g. John McCain doesn't seem to have one. The evidence for genetic factors is strong. There's a good book -- Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences, by John Hibbing, et. al. -- that explains the research and speculates on the evolution of the types. I'm glad to see this stuff make Doonesbury. It's important for understanding our political mess.

Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | November 17, 2014

I was pleased to see how quickly those who sent in BLOWBACK posts confirmed the results referred to in the strip!

Martin Snapp | Berkeley, CA | November 16, 2014

I agree with GLAD TO HEAR. I see terrorism everywhere: elementary schools shot up, abortion doctors murdered, Cliven Bundy threatening shoot-outs with the authorities, etc.

Sue Schrems | Norman, OK | November 16, 2014

So…there have not been Ebola cases and deaths in the United States, and our borders are secure, even though there are 4.5 million illegals, and there is no terrorism, even though it is reported that an American was beheaded today? Glad to hear it is just a problem in the Conservative brain.

Richard | Cape Town, RSA | November 12, 2014

I wonder what we are to make of the choice of a series of Classic strips about the Redskins in light of the current controversy. I have to agree that the name is demeaning to those that occupied the country pre-Columbus.

Benjamin Smeall | Green Bayl, WI | November 12, 2014

Ain't no substitute for telling your own kid that smoking sucks. I tried it myself, and it did!

Daniel Meyer | Readfield, ME | November 11, 2014

Something an earlier Blowback commenter said reminded me that most Montana newspapers did not carry Doonesbury in the 60s -- too political. I love reliving those days through these Classics, which are, sadly, still too relevant, but hilarious. (Billings West High '67.)

Bren | Dublin, IRELAND | November 10, 2014

Interesting parallel between today's 40-year-old Flashback strip and a more recent storyline, about a student who sued Walden for not giving him an "A."

Rick Bush | Parkersburg, WV | November 09, 2014

I really enjoyed today's strip about the Master Settlement Agreement. My daughter did her social studies fair project on this topic several years ago, when issuing bonds secured by future tobacco settlement proceeds was a hot potato in the West Virginia legislature. I learned more political science in three months than I learned in four years of college classes. I also learned something about raising revenue without mentioning the word "tax" in an environment where any politician who even hints at a tax increase is doomed. The partnership between Big Tobacco and the various states' Attorneys General which resulted from the Master Settlement Agreement has generated numerous incongruities over the years, as the states, in order to preserve their income streams, have squelched all potential competition, upon the pretense of protecting the public. Thanks again for today's expose!

Alan | New York, NY | November 09, 2014

I enjoyed today's strip on Big Tobacco and anti-smoking efforts, and did a little research afterward. Articles at and on the New York Times site report that most of the tobacco settlement was given to the states with no strings attached. The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement apparently did not include language enforcing the perception that states would use the money primarily for anti-smoking education.

Edward Cherlin | Columbua, IN | November 08, 2014

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -- don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How publicly, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

-- Emily Dickinson, 1891

Mike | San Jose, CA | November 07, 2014

As a longtime fan, I suggest GBT bring back the talking begonia. I think its comments would be relevant to today's politics. Thanks!

David Gottfried | Portland, OR | November 07, 2014

Zonker : Disco  =  Snoopy : Flashdance

Rev. Dr. Bob Faser | Hobart, AUSTRALIA | November 07, 2014

I must admit that I completely forgot Zonker's "Boogie Fever" phase. (My excuse: I was living in Montana at the time.) Anyway, brilliantly hilarious social commentary.

Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | November 02, 2014

Cheating spouses? Goof-off employees? What about clueless politicians who keep deleting Facebook posts and Tweets and wondering why they don't stay hidden?

Bruce Miller | Sacramento, CA | November 02, 2014

I remember a talk I gave to the company I work for in which I recounted real Facebook comments from one person. First "[Deleted expletive] I wish I could call in hung over."  Later "LOL. So bored. The customer in front of me thinks I'm typing her information in right now. LOL." And still later "[Deleted expletive] those [deleted expletive] fired me today!" So folks, it isn't just suspicious spouses looking; so are your employers.

Ian | Frankfurt, GERMANY | October 29, 2014

For a pro tanner Zonker seems extremely pale. Is that some sort of 21st-century wisdom creeping in? Because being tanned in the 70s meant being as brown as an overbaked cinnamon bun.

Peter Mork | Allston, MA | October 28, 2014

This is my first time seeing Zonker's tanning adventures in color, and for all the effort he puts into it, the boy's pale as a peeled parsnip. If Zonk is a tanning legend, I'd hate to see the competition.

Donna C. | Lucerne, CA | October 26, 2014

The wait for the new season of Alpha House has been worth it. My face cheeks hurt from laughing and my butt cheeks hurt from the binge watching. Loved the drone 'event' -- well done, sir!

Santa Frank | West Plains, MO | October 23, 2014

I've been a fan since before the twins, and I was just wondering why Today's Video does not change anymore. I still love the strip and the whole site after all these years.

Editor's Note:

 We felt it prudent to leave the Season 2 trailer for "Alpha House" up cotinuously until the shows are released (all ten episodes at once, on the 24th), just to be sure word gets out to even the occassional site visitors. New videos are standing by for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for wondering!