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Carol Hensel | The Woodlands, TX | January 29, 2015

I think that politics and religion should be separate, as our Founding Fathers believed. Being critical of a president's policies does not mean you are Satanic.

Bran Midkiff | Halifax, VA | January 28, 2015

Garry, I respect your opinion, although I'm very resentful of how large of an audience you affect with your strip. In a conservative, Christian society it would have dried up by now. Lucky for you we live in a society driven by Satan, and the liberal help he has sold to his cause, and you are one of those in the forefront of his army. The Bushes love our country, and our causes. Their only crime is success.

Gail Heinsohn | New Lebanon, NY | January 28, 2015

I think I love you, Garry Trudeau. Keep on blowing through the b.s., please!

Terry | Crawfordville, FL | January 28, 2015

In Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut offered a very accurate transliteration of the asterisk.

Rookie Phenom | San Francisco, CA | January 27, 2015

RE SOPHISTICATED ANALYSIS: I don't interpret the GWB asterisk symbol as anything more than denoting that his first presidency was decided in court under contested circumstances. Kind of like Roger Maris' home run record exceeding Babe Ruth's. (We don't apply it to Barry Bonds' records but many, many people keep a mental asterisk on him.)

Ken Callahan | Cleveland, OH | January 26, 2015

In his recently published collection of essays, But Enough about You, Christopher Buckley says this about George H. W. Bush: "I would have never traded my own father for any other, but I've always thought that George Bush is the father we all wished for." Sunday's strip was an uncharitable and inaccurate shot against a decent man who has contributed so much to America, far more than any journalist that comes to mind. In my mind it crossed the line from sharp satire to gratuitous meanness.

Fred Waiss | Prairie du Chien, WI | January 25, 2015

And while you're joyfully doing the Bushwhacking, I'm sure you'll include Jeb's own mother's comment that the country has had enough Bushes.

Ross Bender | Philadelphia, PA | January 25, 2015

I'm glad to see the Bush Buster back in action. Please allow me to contribute a more sophisticated analysis.

Margot Mazeau | Arlington, VA | January 25, 2015

I enjoyed today's Bush-busting strip, and am looking forward to many more. I hope you include Jeb's intervention in the Terri Schiavo tragedy.

Donald L. Heflin | Naples, FL | January 21, 2015

Many thanks, Garry, for the humor in your comic strip. Every morning, I read it and all the comics in our local rag, Naples Daily News. And now , thanks to the TOAST post, I'll be looking for the little changes that you make in each strip. Thanks for humoring us all of these years.

Hyacinth Girl | Columbus, OH | January 20, 2015

I love the subliminal commentary on Mike in today's final panel. When it comes to J.J., he is indeed toast.

Andreas Fliflet | Bergen, NORWAY | January 20, 2015

Excellent geek-reader-provocative change of toast in fourth panel today.

A.D. Monday | Searcy, AK | January 20, 2015

I wonder if it is true that Doonesbury will go away during the next polar vortex.

Ken Traverse | Billerica, MA | January 19, 2015

If you'd vote for Liz, you must still be smoking Maui Wauwi.

CJG31 | Lombard, IL | January 18, 2015

I think Elizabeth Warren should run for President. She lacks charisma in her speeches, but makes sense all the same. She advocates for the homeless on the street but also for the disaffected behind their computers. I like that she's a she. I like that she has always thought of herself as Native American. I like that she researches her speeches and has taught at Harvard. Hell, been a teacher. I'd vote for her. I can't think of a single reason not to vote for her. Does she hate baseball?

Ray Lampe | Templeton, MA | January 18, 2015

Today's strip is portentous, but sadly unclear of what. Whatever comes to pass, I'm happy to be known as a "Masshole" and a New Englander. A lot of good stuff starts here, as did "Lizzy."

David Ferrier | Edmonton, CANADA | January 17, 2015

Thanks for today's Jesse Appell stand-up comedy-in-Chinese video, especially the part about ordering in a restaurant. This is a big problem in New Zealand, where one must never think one's server is one's servant. Starving to death in a restaurant there is a real possibility.

Josh Barnes | Kyoto, JAPAN | January 17, 2015

Well, if "nerd" and "nurd" are just alternates, as Speak Good English implies [see NURD VS. NERD, below], why bother to change the spelling? My inner geek says that one member of an equivalence class is as good as another. That said, I have a "Nerd Pride" button given to me by one of the greatest nerds of all time, Prof. G.J. Sussman of MIT. And it says "Nerd," not "Nurd."

Bobbie Herman | Fairfield, CT | January 17, 2015

Mike's eyes changed overnight! What did he and J.J. "talk" about all night to make this happen?

Lee | Melbourne, AUSTRALIA | January 16, 2015

I've always been fascinated that the original printing of today's strip had J.J. telling Mike she'd initially thought he was a "nurd." This was changed to "nerd" later on. Is "nurd" actually incorrect, or just a less common spelling?  Was GBT under pressure from the powerful Nerd Lobby? Did Pharrell Williams' N.E.R.D. spell it out in too emphatic a fashion? This remains the biggest question facing Doonesbury historians since the disappearance of Mike's sister. Oh yes, Mike, the authorities know about you...

Editor's Note:

 Rather than do serious research on this subject, we are going to refer you to an online source called Speak Good English, which addresses the question in what we hope is a definitive manner here.