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Mike | Bayonne, NJ | March 21, 2018

Doonesbury came a long way over the years and brought us along for the ride. I remember when Andy informed a disappointed Joanie that he was gay and she asked, "Are they sure?"

Linda Weinberg | Anmore, CANADA | March 19, 2018

"And yet, there's no collusion." Roland's tweets are almost as good as having the daily strip back. Thank you, GBT, for staying the course and keeping us alive to the humour in the insanity always around us.

Jo-Ann Neuhaus | Washington, D.C. | March 18, 2018

I just want to thank you for the Timeline ("An Illustrated Chronology of Impact"). I am recuperating from foot surgery, which gave me a bit of time to relax and read. What a great trip down memory lane. Let's hope we can keep democracy alive.

Steve Travers | Moorhead, MN | March 17, 2018

Poor Panamanians suffered the most from the invasion. I'm glad to see their perspective was covered.

Gaylon Kent | Hayden, CO | March 14, 2018

Uncle Duke's "Yeah, but I don't" line still makes me laugh.

Brian Harvey | Berkeley, CA | March 12, 2018

I love the shoutout to Al Hirschfeld in Sunday's strip! In panel three, on the left side, there's a partial view of a podium with a seal with writing around its outside, and if you zoom in you can see that it says "NINA."

Rick Vogel | Port Charlotte, FL | March 11, 2018

"Train a good busboy..." Ouch! Best Sunday Doonesbury yet.

Ronald | North Little Rock, AR | March 11, 2018

"He's 40 years old and he spends his entire day trolling." Nice work if you can get it.

Joshua Rey | London, UK | March 10, 2018

I can't help thinking that yesterday's fifteen-years-ago Flashback strip was just slightly irresponsible. The ground invasion of Iraq started 11 days later, if memory serves, and I've always wondered whether GWB wasn't shamed into it by GBT.

Jack | Perth, AUSTRALIA | March 08, 2018

How perfect were the details in Sunday's strip. Mel, after all she has been through with the military, still wears ARMY on her sweater. Harassed, hurt and damaged -- but unable to let go...

Melinda W. Capozza | Huntington, IN | March 05, 2018

Aerosmith for Andy's funeral sounds good to me. I've told my kids to play me out with the Beatles' "When I'm 64" and "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Segar. Crank it up!

Jane | Peoria, IL | March 05, 2018

On yesterday's strip? I got to the fifth panel and straight-up cried. Thank you for that, and please come back to the dailies soon!

Brighella | Basel, SWITZERLAND | March 05, 2018

Melissa is a brilliant candidate and Joanie on the campaign will make this a helluva team. Go for it! And of course GBT will have to resume daily strips in order to cover the race...

Anne | Burnaby, CANADA | March 05, 2018

When will Jeff wander through the kitchen? I love watching Mel skewer him.

Mary Cavanagh | Escondido, CA | March 04, 2018

Oh please bring Joan back to the campaign trail on behalf of Melissa, and please involve Rick's dry wit. ("We need a noun, Senator.")

Margaret Delgatty | Vancouver, CANADA | March 04, 2018

Yes! Yes! Yes!! I heard myself shouting when I read today's strip. I don't know yet exactly what Melissa's running for, but in hindsight it's so obvious -- of course she will run; I don't need to list all the reasons why, but who could possibly be a more perfect candidate in 2018? Getting Joanie on her team is icing on the cake, although also brilliant. I can't remember when I've been this excited...!

Mike | Bayonne, NJ | March 04, 2018

I can’t help thinking that Rick did that on purpose to get Joanie back in the game. Good for him. Good for her. Good for them all.

Dave | Elmira, NY | March 04, 2018

Mel's running for congress -- that's brilliant! She's the perfect character, and her campaign is the perfect vehicle for commentary on the Big Orange Catastrophe. Good luck, Mel, you have my vote!

Peter | Holliston, MA | March 04, 2018

Today's strip is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for reminding me that our country's political system may have problems, but that there are people like Melissa who give us hope for the future.

Becky | North Bennington, VT | March 04, 2018

What a wonderful new story line! Thanks and can't wait to follow it.