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Lets face it, our favorite comic strip is often obscure or inconsistent, and key characters are sometimes left stranded for years. Long-suffering readers are within their rights to demand some clarification. Use the "Ask GBT" form to email us your questions, and we will frequently answer some of the best!




Where the heck did Benjy Doonesbury come from? Google yields no results. He doesn't have a Cast bio. He is vapor. Is GBT jumping the shark with a new "old" character? Or did I miss something?

Wayne | Characters | Hazel Park, MI | January 05, 2011

Yep, you missed a few things, but we're happy to catch you up on Mike's baby bro. While still in high school he changed his name from Benjy to Sal Putrid; in college he tried to change his roommate (but was stuck with Trip Trippler); and post-college he banked some serious change as legendary safe sex representative Dr. Whoopee.


Considering that pot may be legalized soon in several states, and in light of the fact that Zonker was recently contemplating getting into cultivation, how about giving us a flashback hit off that good ol' hand-rolled character Mr. Jay?

D.B. | Characters | Peconic, NY | October 21, 2010

We're happy to fire up our favorite spokes-joint. Just don't bogart the strip.